Sovereign Citizen Brenda Barton calls the president ‘De Fuhrer’


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I told you the media that doesn't report on the far-right extremist movements in Arizona needs to expose and report on these anti-government Birthers-Birchers-Secessionists who like to pretend they are super-patriots and "constituionalists." The 'sovereign citizen' editorial the Arizona Republic should write.

Screenshot from 2013-10-07 17:34:47One of the worst examples of these far-right extremists in our state legislature is their bee-hived queen, Rep. Brenda Barton of Payson. This woman is scary crazy. And today, this Birther-Bircher-Secessionist teabagger thought it was appropriate to compare President Obama to Adolph Hitler because the federal parks are closed due to the Tea Party government shutdown in Washington D.C.

The Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) reports State representative stands by her comparison of Obama to Hitler:

Republican Rep. Brenda Barton of Payson
compared President Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler on her Facebook page
today in a post urging county sheriffs to revoke authority from the
National Parks Service “thugs” who are enforcing the federal shutdown on
national parks lands.

“Someone is paying the National Park Service thugs overtime for their
efforts to carry out the order of De Fuhrer… where are our
Constitutional Sheriffs who can revoke the Park Service Rangers
authority to arrest
??? Do we have any Sheriffs with a pair?” she wrote.

The code words there are "constitutional sheriffs," a favorite far-right fantasy of the Sovereign Citizen movement.

See earlier post, The 'sovereign citizen' editorial the Arizona Republic should write:

Remember HB 2434, "Notification; federal law enforcement officers" (2012), sponsored by Reps. David Gowan, Carl Seel, and David Burnell Smith?

* * *

offered by Rep. David Gowan, R-Sierra Vista, would
require employees of those agencies to first notify the sheriff of the
county "before taking any official law enforcement action in a county in
this state."


The only exception would be if notification would impede the federal officer's duties. But even then, HB 2434
requires notifying the sheriff "as soon as practicable after taking the
action." The proposal took its first step toward becoming a reality
Thursday when the Senate Committee on Border Security, Federalism and
States Sovereignty voted 5-2 to approve, sending the bill to the full

Gowan said it's a simple matter of state sovereignty.

"If you look in your Constitution, you
will not find there are any police powers granted to the federal
government," he said. And Gowan said the 10th Amendment says any powers
not given to the federal government are reserved for the states and the

"That means the states have the inherent right to use law enforcement,'' he said.

From a practical standpoint, Gowan said
the highest elected law enforcement officers in the state are the
sheriffs of the 15 counties

"They have a mandate from the people over
bureaucracies," he said, which includes federal agencies. "Without
this, we allow the bureaucrats to dictate and bring their vision of law
enforcement down upon the people who are duly elected."

[The bill was approved on a party-line vote in the Tea-Publican controlled legislature, and had to be vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer on April 11, 2012.]

Here is where the bee-hived Birther-Bircher-Secessionst teabagger queen digs her hole deeper:

[I]n a telephone interview with the Arizona Capitol Times, Barton stood by the comments, saying the comparison between Obama and Hitler was apt, at least in their style of leadership.

“He’s dictating beyond his authority,” she said.

Barton said Obama is leading America down a slippery slope away from a
constitutional democracy toward an imperial dictatorship and the people
of America should be aware. She said murdering millions of Jews,
gypsies and gays wasn’t the only thing that happened in Nazi Germany,
and America under Obama is looking a lot like the early days of Germany
under Hitler.

“It’s not just the death camps. (Hitler) started in the communities,
with national health care and gun control. You better read your history.
Germany started with national health care and gun control before any of
that other stuff happened. And Hitler was elected by a majority of
people,” she said.

Barton said she was prompted to write the post by stories she has
heard about the Forest Service closing county roads, closing boat ramps
in Mohave County and kicking one person out of their home, which was
located on federally-leased land.

Barton said Obama is trying to make the federal government shutdown as painful as possible to Arizonans and Americans.
“This is an outrageous form of federal imperial government,” she said.

Barton's line about national health care and gun control is a favorite trope of every far-right extremist. I can't tell you how many times i have seen that in the e-mails they send around. It's like a secret handshake they use to identify with one another.

It is Barton who needs to learn her history. The Nazis were a minority party in a coalition government, during a period of political upheaval in Germany. It was a political deal between Chancellor Papen and President Hindenberg that led to Adolf Hitler being appointed chancellor of a coalition government of the NSDAP-DNVP Party. He used that position to eliminate opposition political parties and to seize power. It was only after that Hitler received a majority vote.

What we are witnessing with the minority faction Tea Party seizing control of the Republican Party, and manufacturing political crises (a government shutdown and taking the country hostage to a threat of defaulting on the federal debt if they do not get their way) in governing-by-extortion is a more apt comparison.

Barton is a Neo-Confederate teabagger who wants to nullify federal laws with which she does not agree by any means necessary, which harkens back to the Southern Manifesto of 1956. Far-right extremists, regardless of the label assigned to them, share many of the same attributes.

UPDATE: Rep. Barton boasts on her official page
that she is a member of the right-wing American Legislative Exchange
Council, Heartland Institute, and of the Arizona Citizens Defense

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  1. The dumb broad shouldn’t try to quote German if she does not speak it. It is not “De Fuhrer” — a mix of Spanish and German? — but “Der Fuhrer”; in German the definite articles are “Der”, “Die”, and “Das”. In Spanish, “de” translated to “of” in English. Since she can’t get the languages right, I wager that the old girl could not explain the differences between Fascism and Communism (with the capital “c”). Actually, the Tea Party Republicans are closer to the Right-Wing Fascists and Nazis than Obama, who could be accused of being a Left Wing Democrat. I would have become a member of the Tea Party myself but I unqualified because I had three university degrees, an IQ of three digits, and was a combat veteran; Tea Partiers like wars as long as they don’t have to serve in them. Besides, I could not learn to goose-step, a primary requirement of the Tea Party. By the way, are you all aware that fluoridation of water is a Communist conspiracy to pollute our masculine vital fluids? I remember that from my John Birch Society days.

  2. I take red enck lady to marriott she want to stop at Frys beacuse teh tea bags are on sale. I charge EXTRA

  3. I write to you form redneckistan this lady used to be mayor.
    we like to dress and have ideas from long time ago. Brenda hates progressives and gays

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  5. ok..I’m an air traffic controller. When I heard this lady’s comments I spilled a Big Gulp on my radar screen. Now Delta flight #404 is heaidng to Gila Bend instead of Phoenix!
    Ulanda U. Lucky

  6. she also hates gay people. She does look like a lesbian chick I drank beer with in college while we played the guitar… Except she wasn’t a racist homophobe like this one.

  7. she is like one of those morons who show up with signs (misspelled of course) saying our President is a monkey.

    For this chick they need a sign. One of a JACKASS

  8. Brennnda,

    why did you leave me at the ranch? I promised to not tell your daddy what we did in that barn over yonder

  9. republicans are to blame for the shutdown. Someone should carve numbers into this lady’s arm so she can rememebr the holocaust

  10. In any other state this Biatch would be brought down in the next election. she she is form podunk red neck ville I doubt it.

  11. some day this state will get rid of these hateful tea baggers.
    when the president poops he loses more grace, talent and smarts than this witch ever had

  12. another fake christian tea bagging fool. The 1950’s called…they want their red neck ignorant hair style back

  13. She is absolutely useless on the House floor. Says nothing, does nothing. She IS the thug and needs to resign along with Sonny (Never saw a lobbyist paid meal I did not want to eat, self proclaimed Italian Stallion) Borrelli.

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