Speculation Turns To ‘Fredo’ As The ‘Insider’ FBI Informant In The Trump Crime Family

Business Insider reports, Trump aides think a family member informed on him to the FBI because agents knew where to find a specific leather case, report says:

Aides to former President Donald Trump believe that a member of his family may have tipped off the FBI about the presence of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, The Guardian reported. 

Multiple sources close to Trump told the publication that after the August 8 search of Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, Florida, aides began speculating about who could have been speaking to the agency.

In the search, agents took more than a dozen boxes of items, as well as highly classified information. They appeared to have specific information about what to look for.

Speculation initially focussed on Trump’s political aides, and resort staff at Mar-a-Lago, the outlet’s sources said, before shifting to those closer to Trump.

Per the sources, some aides were convinced that only a family member would have known to point agents to a particular leather-bound box, as well as knowing the location of Trump’s safe.

Both Trump’s estranged niece, Mary, and his former attorney Michael Cohen have speculated that Jared Kushner, the former president’s son in law, could be the informant. Neither offered evidence to back the claim.

According to multiple reports, agents conducting the raid were acting on information including witness testimony that Trump had not return all the classified information which was requested by the Justice Department and National Archives.

The New York Times reported that agents also obtained surveillance footage via subpoena of a hallway near the storage room where the documents were being kept and saw something that alarmed them.

The Justice Department has asked a judge not to release the affidavit which details the probable cause the search was based on, saying that it could provide information about the scope of the investigation.

Trump has said he want the document to be made public. [Not really.]

The warrant used in the search, which was unsealed Friday, showed that agents believe Trump may have violated several laws, including the Espionage Act.

The Affidavit would spell out the factual details in support of the crimes alleged in the warrant. Trump really does not want that information made public.

He just wants to know who the “insider” confidential informant(s) is so that he can sic his violent mob of MAGA/QAnon cult members on the informant(s), like he did to Mike Pence on January 6, 2021. He wants them dead so they cannot testify. This is what mob bosses do.

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  1. FWIW, I’ve always thought of Eric as Fredo with Jared more like Tom Hagen (part of the family, but really not).

    Boinking Vanky gets him both considerations.

    • Jared Kushner as Tom Hagen = 1,000 bonus points to Craig. Perfect pairing!

      I think Ivanka is the only Fredo candidate in that family.

      The sons are too insecure to turn on daddy, Ivanka sold him out a little already with Barr/J6, and anyway, daddy will forgive her because he’s hoping he still has a chance with her.

      I make no apologies.

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