Ward Wallingford, the Chairman of AZ’s LD 28 Democratic Party wrote to district PCs the following about Rep. Bradley. It struck me as important and I wanted to pass it on to you

"The issue of
immigration and English-only is being forced to the forefront by the draconian
legislation at the state and national level, and the reaction by the immigrant
community in LA, Phoenix, Chicago, Tucson and elsewhere."

"I know that this is a complicated issue. I also know that as a nation we look
back in pride at the choices to expand rights by ending slavery, allowing women
the vote, establishing labor rights and passing the voting rights act. We define ourselves as a nation of
immigrants and opportunity. In
contrast we look back in shame at the choices driven by fear: segregation, the
internment of Japanese-Americans, the McCarthy "Red" trials, and many


"I am proud that our State Representative, Dave Bradley, has come down on
the side of hope rather than fear. Some quotes from his speech in opposition to HB 2036, an English-only


"…..those of you who think such legislation
is necessary must at some level be aware that you may be lighting yet another
candle of intolerance, that distorted and less well intentioned minds will use
as a catalyst for a conflagration that may grow beyond your imagination and


This dim light when coupled with the language that we are
being invaded by brown hoards of people from the south, immigrants who
supposedly fan the flames of crime and who, it is asserted, are destroying our
social fabric, our health care system, our schools and our businesses ignite the
fires of fear and bigotry in those troubled people in the


This legislation does nothing to bring resolution to the
complex problems of immigration. Its acknowledgement of our State’s rich diversity will not be emphasized
by people who will distort its intent.


……But regardless of their skin color or their language,
they will love this country as much if not more than we do, for they will have
paid a high price to participate in the dream that is our


Let it be said of this legislature that we did not let
ourselves be seduced into protecting a language that needs no protecting and
that we refused however subtly to light one candle to


Thank you, Mr. Speaker, I vote