Statements in support of public sector unions and the American middle class in Wisconsin

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Press release from the Pima County Democratic Party:

Resolution in Solidarity with the Public Sector Unions in Wisconsin, Arizona and across the Country

Be it resolved that the Pima County Democratic Party stands in solidarity with the public sector unions under attack in Wisconsin, Arizona and across the country. The Pima County Democratic Party further resolves to acknowledge the courage and steadfastness of the fourteen State Senators who have left the State of Wisconsin to protect the right of their teachers, nurses and other public employees to bargain collectively.

Across the country and here in Arizona basic workers' rights are being attacked. This is more of the same old politics and is part of the political payback to corporate CEOs who spent more than $1 billion to elect politicians nationwide. While the middle class suffers, the same politicians support tax breaks for corporations and CEOs like the tax breaks without the promise of a single job that Governor Brewer signed into law in Arizona. It's time for politicians to stop the power struggle. We need balance that brings our leaders together to create quality jobs and solve the problems hurting middle class families.

In Arizona, SCR1059, a "postcard" of support for Governor Walker and the Wisconsin legislature has passed the Senate and is on its way to the Arizona House. The Pima County Democratic Party considers it important to let the unions and legislature in Wisconsin know that there are those in Arizona who stand with them in this fight to protect the rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively.

Arizona lawmakers, like Wisconsin lawmakers, need to focus on creating jobs and restoring the middle class in our communities. Corporations are trying to weaken or eliminate workers' freedom to join unions so workers can't serve as a check on corporate greed to restore balance in our community. The Pima County Democratic Party stands with our union brothers and sisters nationwide because we know that unions in solidarity are the last best defense for the American middle class.

Passed unanimously at the March 7th meeting of the Pima County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee Meeting.

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Press release from the Arizona AFL-CIO:

Wisconsin Senate Votes to

Strip Public Workers of Collective Bargaining Rights

Statement of Arizona AFL-CIO Executive Director Rebekah Friend

Phoenix, AZ – On Wednesday night, Wisconsin Senate Republicans voted to strip public employees of nearly all their collective bargaining rights. Rebekah Friend, Arizona AFL-CIO Executive Director and Secretary/Treasurer, gave the following statement on the vote:

“The mask is off Governor Walker. We knew from the start that this wasn’t about the budget for him, and now it shows. Union members like teachers and nurses agreed to concessions on pension contributions and pay. But Walker didn’t listen. Today, he and the lawmakers who voted to strip workers of collective bargaining rights showed that they have been lying all along. Their real intent was only to harm the ability of workers to form unions and live a middle-class life.

“Tonight’s vote shows that Governor Walker and Wisconsin Senate Republicans will do anything to push through their extreme agenda. They trampled over the 74% of Wisconsinites who oppose this bill, ignored the state’s open meeting laws and rammed through their partisan political attack. It’s an affront to the democratic process.

“This isn’t just about union workers; it’s about all middle-class Americans, who deserve the right to join together with others to pursue the American dream. No politician should ever take that freedom away. Walker’s overreach in Wisconsin is not unique, however. Many newly elected governors are trying to pay back the corporate CEOs who spent over $1 billion to elect them by attacking unions. But the voices of working people will be heard, no matter how hard politicians try to silence us.”

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