Stefanie Mach wins LD 10 House seat

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

In another race decided on Saturday, Democrat Stefanie Mach won the LD 10 House seat in Tucson when her opponent, incumbent Rep. Ted "tort reform" Vogt finally conceded the race.

Mach led by more than 2,000 votes before counting the thousands of provisional ballots in Pima
County began. But after the first 11,000 provisional ballots were counted on
Friday, her margin expanded to more than 2,600.

Mach got started on her work as a freshman member of the state
House when she attended and voted in the Democratic
Party's election of House leaders tihis week.

Ted "tort reform" Vogt joins his seatmate, Sen. "Don't make me angry" Frank Antenori in defeat, among only a handful of incumbents defeated in this year's election. LD 10 rejected far-right radical extremism.

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  1. Amazing win for a political newcomer as she defeated a Republican incumbent legislator, and a Democratic party activist in the primary as well. I believe she was Dustin Cox’s campaign manager 2 years ago, but he has now lost twice for bids to State House (LD 27 and LD 9).