Step Down, Ducey! Arizonans, Speak Up!


The petition to demand that Doug Ducey resign for his utter failure to lead Arizona in this crisis is growing. I thought I’d take a minute to share some of the comments of Arizonans who’ve had enough of Ducey’s failure and inaction.

The petition’s goal has been reset higher, let’s keep the momentum going! Raise your voices Arizona! Write to the media. Talk to your elected leaders. Let the rising demand that Ducey resign be heard loud enough to make everyone pay attention.

Susan says,

“As a physician, I have personally delivered petitions, emailed, and called Gov Ducey countless times since late February. He and Dr. Christ have failed to listen to the medical experts and community, he has put profits over science. He ignores the pleas of overstretched physicians and healthcare workers and is beholden only to the president and not to those who live in Arizona. Resign now.”

Sheetal says,

“Governor Ducey has proven that he is incapable of making pragmatic policy choices based on recommendations of the local health experts. Instead, his decisions are based on him being in line with President Trump’s agenda of putting us, the public, in harm’s way. He is not a representation of the majority of Arizonians that want a mandatory stay at home in order to flatten the curve. He has mishandled this pandemic completely.”

Darlene says,

“This unqualified disaster has no business being governor. He has blood on his hands for his inaction.”

Diane says,

“Ducey is killing people so he can gain favor with an insane president.”

Candice says,

“I’m signing because he has endangered the lives of all Arizonans during the COVID crisis by his inept, cowardly leadership.”

Michael says,

“I’m tired. Tired of the deaths. Tired of the lies. Tired of seeing America and Arizona fail. We need a new direction and Ducey is incapable of leading that change.”

Lucy says,

“Please leave Ducey. We need someone who is capable of truly courageous leadership to help us clean up this mess that you have helped engineer.”

Amanda says,

“Arizona has the worst Covid-19 outbreak in the WORLD because of our governor’s lack of backbone. He’s an international disgrace.”

William says,

“I am an EMT in Tucson and am well educated regarding the use of PPE to protect against viruses and bacteria. I have been in contact with COVID positive patients almost every shift since March and have not contracted it because I am diligent in my donning of masks and washing/sanitizing my hands. Your lack of leadership, refusal to mandate mask-wearing, and not allowing local municipalities to enforce their own laws regarding mask-wearing has led to not only a spike in COVID cases in AZ but needless deaths of Arizonans. You should be ashamed of yourself. Take responsibility and pass the job to someone that can manage this crisis appropriately.”

Brandon says,

“Stand down from your position of power for the countless lives you have jeopardized and stole from families.”

Michelle says,

“It is clear that Ducey is not a leader. Arizona is a hot spot because he is unwilling to take on the hard work of governing. Instead, he follows the cues of a feckless, insatiable, and undeniably sick tyrant. How dare he insist that putting so many lives at risk is worth the cost of pretending that normal returns simply because his rabid and dangerous king wills it so. Ducey, you’re a henchman, you’re not a governor. It is time for you to go.”

Alexander says,

“My wife is a teacher, I am a nurse, and I fear for her life”

Julie says,

“Ducey is an incompetent lackey and needs to go. We need someone who will get in front of this virus instead of always trying to play catch-up.”

Kimberly says,

“Governor Ducey has repeatedly refused to make the evidence-based tough decisions required to keep citizens safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of many Arizonans and prolonged economic hardship. He has failed at nearly every step to do the right thing and should resign.”

Damien says,

“Ducey’s plan for addressing COVID-19 has been to protect citizens only until hospitals received supplies, then to allow the disease to run rampant. There is clear premeditation in his negligence, and his apathy is appalling.”

Denise says,

“You and Cara Christ are doing a terrible job. Both of you should resign. Bring back Will Humble”

Linda says,

“Utterly failed, pathetic non-leadership. You, Sir, are complicit in the death of thousands across our state. I am a Nurse, Mother, and Proud American who is embarrassed to live in Arizona now.”

Jennifer says,

“Gov. Ducey abdicated his responsibility to the health and welfare of Arizonans by refusing to follow the science and shut down Arizona and do contact tracing to ensure we could open up safely. His failure in leadership has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of Arizonans and extended our economic pain and uncertainty. We deserve better.”

Jennifer P. says,

“I am signing this petition because Ducey’s incompetence, gross negligence, and total disregard for human life are reprehensible! He disregarded and threw out the models by ASU & U of A because he did not like the fact that they showed it was too early to open. He ignored data/facts and demonstrated disbelief in science (he even manipulated the data), putting AZ’s citizens’ lives at risk. We had the gift of time here (time to prepare by getting testing and contact tracing in place – which we still do not have, by the way!) and could have learned from NY and Italy. I expressed my concern via email and I did not receive so much as a form letter in reply! As an elected official, he should work FOR and represent the people-not put their lives in danger. Let’s replace Ducey with a REAL Leader!!!”

Kate says,

“I don’t want us to die.”

C. says,

“Governor Ducey has failed to protect the citizens of Arizona and is responsible for needless, preventable deaths.”

Denise says,

“We need to get rid of this Governor. We opened up too soon. Why? Because his master came to town and told him to do so. He is Trump Jr. and we need him out our lives depend on it. People are getting too sick and many are dying. Those who don’t die will most likely have chronic conditions because of it. He doesn’t care about us. He only cares about himself and Trump Sr. We need help!! Get him out now our lives depend on it!”

Benjamin says,

“Our governor is seeing numbers and not the human lives behind them.”

Lu says,

“He’s not fit for office. He’s a danger to Arizonans lives during the scariest time our country has ever seen with Covid-19.”

Sara says,

“For my children.”

Micah says,

“You’re a short-sighted, self-centered, convenience-oriented embarrassment to Arizona, and you’ve turned Arizona into an embarrassment to the nation. You’re no leader of the people. Leaders of the people don’t hold money and political agendas over the lives of the people. You’re an inhuman coward that’s driving, not only this state but this nation backward and into the ground. Your decisions, or lack thereof, affect everyone, and we need someone who will properly lead us through this awful 2020 landscape. You have proven that you are not that person.”

Deane says,

“Ducey has made it clear — he does not care whether his constituents live or die.”

Timothea says,

“I want to live in this state, not die by the careless negligence of its incompetent governor.”

Cynthia says,

“Ducey has allowed the politicization of COVID-19 to influence and impair his judgment about and responsibility to protect the health Of Arizonans. He is unfit to lead during this crisis.”

Sam says,

“Governor Ducey has failed to be a leader in times when a leader is needed. He has refused to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. He reopened AZ too early, causing worse outbreaks and making us now the world leader in COVID cases as well as wreaking far more havoc on the economy than would have been if we had remained closed longer and flattened the curve. Now he is forcing us back to schools way too early. Teachers and children are going to die. Arizona is headed for a catastrophe the likes of which no one living today has ever experienced, and it is entirely the fault of our Governor for refusing to do his duty and serve his constituents.”

Tony says,

“I’ve been neutral on Gov Ducey. Now he missed an opportunity to do something. Anything. He should go.”

Samantha says,

“Doug Ducey has made the absolute WORST decisions when it comes to the safety of civilians of AZ during a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. Valuing monetary needs over human needs.”

Paul says,

“Governor Ducey abdicated his duty to lead and protect the citizens of Arizona in the face of a dangerously growing pandemic which we had a great head start on. All our efforts were squandered after a political theater visit by President Trump on May 5th. The next day Governor Ducey disbanded a scientific advisory board on the pandemic and moved forward with an earlier reopening plan. Since then we’ve become a shining example of failed efforts and exponentially terrible pandemic growth. It’s a travesty that was predictable and preventable. He should step aside of he viewed politics are more important than scientific backed advice and policies that have been proven to work. Our lives are worth more than his career.”

Tania says,

“As a physician, I’m appalled and dismayed as to how this virus has been handled by this administration. Please don’t make a healthcare crisis into a political agenda!”

Mary says,

“Ducey has proven he is unfit for leading our great state through this challenge. He has blood on his hands as people are dying from his negligence, and he should step down immediately.”

Jamie says,

“I’m signing because Doug Ducey has failed the state he is supposed to be leading. The resurgence and rapid spread of COVID-19 cases in Arizona since his “reopening plan” have cost a countless number of Arizonans to lose their lives. His lack of leadership is disgusting, and Arizona deserves a leader who actually cares about his or her populace.”

Lisa says,

“Arizona is a disaster zone and this man refuses to lead. Today he said we flatlined. Flatlining at 4,000 new cases a day is nothing to be excited about. We are going in the wrong direction and Ducey is complicit in the deaths of Arizonans. Resign. You are not fit to be in charge of anything.”

Candice says,

“Ducey is incompetent and has led this state into the worst outbreak of Covid-19 in the WORLD. He must resign now before thousands more die.”

Carrie says,

“I’m a teacher who wants to live through the year.”

Ravyn says,

“Close the state, mortgage+rent freeze, mandatory masks with actual penalties if caught without one, save us! We’re sick of watching people we care about die, get gravely ill, suffer for months from a virus you could have protected them from!”

Chris says,

“Ducey isn’t doing enough to save the lives of Arizonans. He’s clearly in over his head and running the state as if it were a business. His gross incompetence is costing numerous lives! Get him out of office before he sends children to school too soon, without proper protection, and gets more blood on his hands!”

Joy says,

“Your unmitigated failure to properly respond to this crisis speaks for itself. You have ignored the wisdom of epidemiologists, doctors, and public officials. An honorable person would resign to allow another to implement change where you have failed to do so.”

Jean says,

“Doug Ducey is a spineless opportunist who cares more about impressing Trump than any citizen in Arizona. His policies have actively harmed us. He needs to go NOW.”

Elise says,

“Inadequate leadership in the middle of a horrific crisis. As a physician, I am outraged by the total failure and incompetence of this governor. Governor Ducey must resign now.”

Stormy says,

“I am a life long Arizona resident and am ashamed of how our governor is more concerned about following #45 than valuing Arizonans.”

Maria says,

“As a healthcare professional, I am disgusted at the lack of response or compassion from this man”

Sarah says,

“His light handling of COVID19 has endangered me and my family. He seems more concerned with being a “team player” for his party’s national agenda than he does being a “governor” for the people of Arizona. He directly ignored local data and couldn’t even demand a statewide mask mandate, something even the governor of Texas managed. He also hasn’t said what his recent collaborations with the ASU researchers he previously fired are pointing to, data-wise, nor will he do another lockdown to give hospitals relief, while keeping drive-thrus and pickups open. I need a leader, not a bootlicking pissant for a governor.”

Virginia says,

“You have, for the entire time you have “served” this state, consistently hurt its citizens. Selling public land to mining concerns. Underfunding schools. Now you are so focused on ingratiating yourself with your party and that vile creature in the White House you are killing your constituents with you neglect and your abject sycophancy. Our blood is on your hands. May it haunt you, Mr. Ducey. May it haunt you to your last breath.

Though I know it won’t. You haven’t even a vestigial conscience to be bothered.”

Sharon says,

“Our beautiful state of AZ now tops the world in COVID cases. Our Governor has failed the citizenry of AZ through his mishandling of the pandemic. Time for someone not beholden to the interests of the bungler in chief, Donald Trump.”

Danny says,

“He’s incompetent or doesn’t respect human life, either way, he’s gotta go!”

Denise says,

“I am a nurse and your mishandling of the Corona Virus epidemic in Arizona has cost lives.”

Lindsay says,

“Because Ducey let COVID spiral out of control, I am not getting the care I need from my pulmonologist, he is too busy with COVID patients. This could’ve been prevented with the right leadership. Arizonans are dying because of Ducey’s irresponsible and passive action in the face of a pandemic. He couldn’t even show support for vulnerable populations by wearing a mask in May. Now it’s too late. He needs to go.”

Lacey says,

“Too many deaths and COVID cases are burdening our healthcare system. We have successful models to work from on how to curb the spread and the governor did nothing.”

Tim says,

“Ducey has put his own interests ahead of the safety and health of his constituents. This act shows he is not worthy of his position.”

Carrie says,

“Doug Ducey is the primary reason for this recent surge in COVID cases. He has blood on his hands.”

Eric says,

“Ducey has failed us as a representative since day one. He has no ears for the pleas of Arizona’s marginalized citizens, and his lack of action to reduce the spread of COVID has been devastating to the population. We deserve leadership, not abandonment. Arizona deserves more than an official who’s only interests are pleasing the whims of our out-of-touch President. Doug, time is up, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.”

Cristal says,

“He played a political game with the lives of Arizonans. He does not deserve to govern our people as he has failed to put our safety above his personal interests.

Tara says,

“Nearly 4,000 new cases of Covid-19 a day! That alone should speak of a FAILED administration.”

Richard says,

“Governor Ducey is putting the lives of Arizona citizens in danger.”

Doug says,

“Doug Ducey has failed us. He chose to close down late, and open up far too early. He did not have the backbone to take a firm stance on COVID in the best interest of the people, instead, he allowed others to do the decision making for him. The economic turmoil caused by COVID in this state and abroad will be compounded by Ducey’s poor judgment and complete disregard for the vast majority of the citizens of Arizona. Ducey chose to pander to the few instead of standing up for the many, and now, the people will suffer tenfold. I demand that Doug Ducey resigns.”

Roman says,

“He has let the people he’s supposed to protect die.”

Lauren says,

“Your disregard for citizens’ survival, and regular dishonesty about the seriousness of this pandemic, is completely unbecoming of a governor. Every day you are in office makes our lives acutely worse.”

Raise your voice, too. Arizona and the Nation need to know that we are not OK with Ducey’s incompetent, failed leadership. We have to make our community leaders, our elected representatives, and our media hear our voices of despair and anger.

Of course, Ducey will NEVER do the honorable thing and resign, but that’s not the point. The point is to let everyone know that Arizona’s citizens are not sheep led to the slaughter in silence. We can and will stand up and demand an end to the nightmare that Ducey and Trump have plunged us into. If every person who feels this way speaks up, the State, the Nation, and the world WILL hear our plea.



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