Stephen Colbert for Senate in South Carolina

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Stephen Colbert is having fun with the pending resignaton of South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint. He wants you to tweet South Carolina Governor Nikki @nikkihaley with the hashtag #SenatorColbert. "I've got to say, that feels right."

It's Hobbit Week on the Colbert Report promoting Peter Jackson's new movie The Hobbit, if you are wondering about Stephen's big hairy feet in the video (below the fold).

UPDATE: Check out the Stephen Colbert for Senate Twitter account. The account’s first tweet: “Reporting for duty, South Carolina!” The twitter page already has nearly 1,500 followers.

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  1. Call me a doubting Thomas but I am waiting until I hear an announcement from Ham Rove (or his designated reincarnation) himself.