Stephen Colbert takes on Gabriel Giffords

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

NASA recently conducted an online contest to name the new "node" of the International Space Station. Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report encouraged his viewers to vote to name the node "Colbert," and sure enough, his fans spoofed the online poll to a convincing win.

Despite "Colbert" being the contest-winning name for the new node, NASA is balking at naming the node after Colbert. Colbert has received support from at least one member of Congress.

But our own Gabriel Giffords, who is married to a NASA astronaut, was not as supportive, saying NASA should have the final say in naming the node. Giffords should know better than to stand between a narcissist and his dream. Stephen Colbert goes after Giffords in this segment:

"You, miss pink sweater set, are just jealous because I'm gonna have a space node, and all you're gonna have is half of Tucson – and not even the good half. I'm kidding. There is no good half."

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0 responses to “Stephen Colbert takes on Gabriel Giffords

  1. Back to Colbert. I’m sure Gabby is just loving this. You read between the lines, and Colbert is blowing her kisses. After all, he’s being a conservative idiot. He’s probably hoping she’ll come on the show to “defend” herself.

    As for his line about Tucson, like I wrote once about Tucson and the media, we get no respect.

  2. 9 trillion dollars? If you have to lie to spread your beliefs, then something is wrong with your beliefs.

  3. I want everyone to remember Giffords vote FOR the so called 9 trillion dollar stimulus bill that for Congressional District 8 has money to rebuild Davis Monthan AFB water system, and the Fort’s water system and money for the Arizona Trail but NO money to save any education jobs at TUSD!

    She lies to you and me about Border Security as we now face Mexico with our pants down as they are a greater threat to our security than Iraq or Afghanistan!