Steve Farley Tele-Town Hall tonight on the Health Insurance Marketplace

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Facebook message from Senator Steve Farley (D-LD9):

On October 1, the new healthcare exchanges will arrive. If you are currently buying your health insurance on the open market, or are a current HealthCare Group member, or would like to get insured but previously was not able to find an affordable plan due to your self-employed status or your employer not offering benefits, the exchanges will help you find a good plan at reasonable cost, and likely save you real money as it increases your peace of mind.

State Senator Steve Farley is convening a Tele-Town Hall [Wednesday night] for all of you to get your health insurance questions answered. His special guests will be Herb Schultz, the Region IX Director for the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, who will tell you all you need to know about how the exchanges work and how you can put them to work for you, and Jennifer Carusetta who works at AHCCCS and she is helping with the transition from HCG to the exchanges, so she can help HCG members and also give information on where Medicaid-eligible people fit in and what happens if their income bounces them out from time to time.

If you are on Medicare, or receive benefits from your employer, you won't see much difference in the next year. If you own a small business, are self employed, currently receive car from HealthCare Group, or your employer does not provide benefits, this virtual town hall is for you.

Please tell your friends and family, especially those who are self-employed and/or with pre-existing conditions — this call could literally be life-changing.

Senator Farley will convene a Tele-Town Hall [tonight]:

Wednesday, September 25, at 7:00pm

To take part, dial 559-726-1200, then punch in your access code: 448012 followed by the # sign.

The call should last about an hour, and Senator Farley and Director Schultz will field as many of your questions as time allows.

If you want to get a preview of the exchanges and get more info in advance of the call, go to at any time.

is the link where you can see a preliminary link to the Arizona
healthcare marketplace premiums as they will be available on October 1,
based on your age. These are changeable depending on your individual
health factors, but are a good ballpark figure. Call our Tele-Town Hall
tonight to learn a whole lot more!

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