Stewart Campaign Lashes Out


Posted by Bob Lord

So, the Stewart campaign is lashing out at me for my post last night regarding comments Mary Rose Wilcox made about Kate Gallego that I found baseless and defamatory, and Stewart's failure to disown Wilcox's remarks.

These tweets from Mario Diaz, Stewart's paid consultant:

Will someone please tell Bob Lord that he is not relevant in AZ politics. Bob who?  Drive by Dist, 8 then u can talk.

Lord has trashed Pastor, Wilcox, & Stewart in his blogs. This is liberal hypocrisy. @KateWGallego control your goons

This Lord person first goes after Laura Pastor then slams Mary Rose Wilcox and Pastor Stewart.   What's your fear?

No fear on this one, Mario. I'll respond publicly.

First, Mario, if you feel the need to ask that someone be told he's not relevant, he's relevant.

More importantly, Mario, you've called me a goon, but here's what neither you, nor Mary Rose Wilcox, nor Warren Stewart have done: Either explain Mary Rose's remarks, or retract them.

By all appearances, Mary Rose baselessly ascribed a dishonest motive to something Kate did, which she (Wilcox) and millions of other women do routinely: namely, take their husband's last name. Wilcox insinuated this by noting that the name change was recent, but Kate only has been married 3 years now and took the name very soon after her wedding. If you ask anyone at SRP, where Kate worked, they'll tell you that the name on her SRP name tag changed to Gallego shortly after her wedding. But even if there had been a delay in taking the name, so what?

Look, Mario, ascribing motive is always a dangerous endeavor, but this was way, way over the line.

Instead of calling me names, why don't you etiher have Mary Rose substantiate her remarks or, if she can't do so, retract them and have someone from the Stewart campaign apologize.  


  1. It’s truly disgusting when anyone’s deflection of their own actions (or, as it were…. inaction’s) comes in the form of attacking another. More than disgusting is when this witless behavior comes from our supposed community leaders. All I can say is, “Really”? My 5 year old can articulate his feelings, frustrations and displeasure with more sophistication. Any 10 year old can hurl insults. It takes a certain level of intelligence to,well—respond intelligently. It is a sad day for all Americans, when our community leaders–who should be our best and brightest, have the emotional I.Q of a toddler and dispute resolution skills to match. There’s nothing quite like bridging the gap and creating understanding with a good ‘ole round of put-downs. Though, I am not totally surprised that the initiating and follow up behavior involves Ms. Rose-Wilcox. I could go on about that stinkbag Mary Rose, but I’m to classy for that. All I will say is as a (fairly) Liberal-Democrat, Mexican-American, she is NOT my cup of tea.