Stick a Fork in It


By Michael Bryan

Ap_gabrielle_giffords_ron_barber_ss_jt_120610_ssvBarber wins.

With 304 of 352 precincts reporting, Barber holds a 52 to 45 lead over Kelly.

Now that Kelly has gotten stepped on twice, maybe he'll go away and move to Texas permanently? Got the message, Jesse? We're just not that into you.

Now that Barber has kept the CD 8 seat in the Dem column until November, we move toward the CD 2 Primary and General.

I doubt that any Democrat will consider stepping to Ron during the coming Dem primary. Expect the last Dem with a hat in the ring, State Rep. Matt Heinz, to pick it up and dust it off.

The interesting race to watch will be the GOP CD 2 Primary. Now that Mr. Kelly has failed to close the deal twice, GOP donors and power-brokers may be looking for a new horse to back – one without so much shit in its saddlebags. Of course, if they don't, that's fine too, the likelyhood of Kelly prevailing in CD 2 five months from now is, well, nil. Happy to have him back on the GOP ticket 🙂

I suspect that we will be seeing Mr. Sitton and Col. McSally a lot over the coming days as they tune their campaign machines back up.

Have a great night, and enjoy that big sigh of relief that comes when you know you've dodged a bullet – in this case, being represented by an asshat like Jesse Kelly. Arizona missed yet more embarrassment on the national stage by, oh, about 7 points…

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  1. Good news last night and good headlines this morning . . . lot of work left to do between now and November though. Thanks to all who phoned, emailed, walked, drove and made this possible.

  2. It was a good night. Nice to know that there is still an amount of sanity in AZ. Congratulations to the new Congressman, and the citizens he represents.

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