“Stronger ADP” authors reveal their identities

by David Safier

A few days ago I spotlighted a new website, A Stronger ADP. The authors wrote a lengthy and thoughtful document, A New Way Forward (you can get the pdf here). The problem for many people, including me, was that the authors chose to remain anonymous.

No longer. They are six Young Democrats who talked among themselves about the need for change in the Arizona Democratic Party, drafted their plan, ran it by others (I wasn't one of them) and published it.

I think they were concerned their youth would make others dismiss their efforts. My response is exactly the opposite. If the future leaders of the Democratic party have the desire and the intelligence to put together a document like this, that encourages me about the vibrancy of the party. And the fact that these folks are newcomers,not people who have been regularly demanding party reform, means others should take their suggestions that much more seriously — not accept the ideas at face value, of course, but use them as springboards for discussion about the directions we should head as a party.

Here is the statement they posted on their website last night:

When we posted this report last Friday, we did it with the hope that, in true Democratic form, discussion would focus on the ideas in the plan rather than its authors. We are encouraged by the significant discussion that has already occurred, and the large amount of support behind this plan. Many supporters have contacted us and urged us to sign our names. We hope that by doing so, we can push discussion further, and keep it focused on strengthening the Arizona Democratic Party.

As we have said before, we do not see this as a complete blueprint for the Party nor as merely a first draft. The Arizona Democratic Party is in need of reform; the question is how we do it. We hope that this serves as a starting point for the change we need.

Sean Bowie
Joel Edman
Geoff Esposito
Matt Herlihy
Devin Mauney
Todd Phillips
1. We do not support or oppose any particular candidate for State Party Chair. 
2. We’ve read your comments and updated the message section of the plan. We intended for education, energy and infrastructure to represent the three key parts of a comprehensive economic strategy. The plan now says this explicitly.

4 responses to ““Stronger ADP” authors reveal their identities

  1. Being inclusive just for the hack of it?

  2. Geoff Esposito sounds extremely white.

  3. A well done proposal but it bugs me that it’s an entirely white male group. Let’s build on their good initial effort, and start with being more inclusive.

  4. Francine Shacter

    My compliments to the writers/thinkers who developed this plan!! On the contrary, the fact that they are young is very heartwarming since us old farts will not be around forever and want to be sure the Democratic Party is in good hands. Good, to me, means thoughtful, involved and smart!!!

    Right on!!!! You guys go!!!!!!