Student Climate Activists Demand a Halt in UA Fossil Fuel Investments

Myla Clark is UAZ Divest’s Treasurer and Rhys Williams is UAZ Divest’s Direct Action Chair.


That’s the total amount of money the University of Arizona, and its sister organization the UA Foundation, have invested in fossil fuels.

Across the world, there has been a growing movement against investing in the fossil fuel industry, because of its direct role in perpetuating the climate crisis. As of 2023, more than 1,500 institutions have committed to fossil fuel divestment, with a sizable portion being universities.

Harvard and the University of California system are among the more than 100 US schools that have liquidated their fossil fuel investments. Overall these initiatives have been incredibly successful, both economically and environmentally

In the past few years, the fossil fuel divestment movement has come to the University of Arizona. Starting out as a group of concerned students in 2020, UAZ Divest has now become a prominent student-led organization that is heavily involved in community affairs and direct action.

We have especially become involved with climate action groups across the Tucson area, including the Arizona Youth Climate Coalition (AZYCC), Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), and the Tucson Sierra Club. Most recently, we have co-organized the Tucson 2023 Climate Strike and Summit with AZYCC.

UAZ Divest’s Demands

While our core objective is for the University of Arizona’s divestment from fossil fuels, we present a diverse list of demands that we believe will allow the university to become a leader in sustainable investing practices..

  • Full Divestment by 2029.*
  • UAF and UArizona publicly commit in writing to no further investments in the fossil fuel industry from this point forward.
  • UAF and UArizona concretely define and implement Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) investment policies and partnerships, including becoming a signatory of the United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Investment.
  • Student representation the UA Foundation, with voting power, on the Board of Trustees and the Investments Committee.

*We are demanding the UA Foundation and University of Arizona Treasury divest by the earliest date in which they will not accrue penalties on broken investment contracts, 2029 and 2026, respectively.

How You Can Support Divest

Spread the word! Not many people outside of climate activism know much about the divestment movement or the work we have done here at the University of Arizona. The more public support we can get, the better!

Come to the next Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) meeting at the Student Union Memorial Center – Level 3, 1303 E. University Blvd in in Tucson on November 16, 2023 from 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Show up! We help organize many events and rallies, both for divestment specifically and broader climate justice. Consider coming to the University of Arizona campus on November 16th, where UAZ Divest members will be speaking at a rally organized by United Campus Workers Arizona.

Donate! For those who are financially secure, you may also consider making a donation through our Venmo. As a student organization, we are not professional activists and rely on the community for support of all kinds. We are rather prudent with our budget so it will be put to good use. Every dollar is appreciated!

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