The Kathy Hoffman for Superintendent Campaign Issues a New Campaign Ad

The Kathy Hoffman for Superintendent Campaign has released a new 2022 election ad touting her first term achievements as the state’s top educator.

In the ad, which is similar in content to one released last July, the narrator states that the policies of Superintendent Hoffman are turning education in Arizona for the better. These policy achievements include:

  • The addition of hundreds of mental health professionals and counselors in schools.
  • Working across the aisle to increase funding for special education.
  • Creating the first teacher residency program to recruit, train, and retain highly qualified teachers.

The ad concludes with the Superintendent, holding her baby daughter Clara, saying:

“I’m Kathy Hoffman. I am an educator and a mom, not a politician. I’m asking for your vote to continue the fight for better schools for all our kids.”

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