Superintendent Kathy Hoffman Reacts to the Too Little Too Late Move by Tom Horne to Disassociate Himself from David Stringer

Tom Horne has tried to disassociate himself from noted racist and sex offender David Stringer by returning the contributions the infamous former legislator donated to the campaign.

Too little, too late according to Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman.

She issued several postings on social media, chastizing Horne for not acting quickly enough to disavow Stringer and the Arizona Republican Party for doing nothing to rebuke Horne for associating himself with the disgraced former legislator.

The posting continues with:

“campaign I was disturbed and disgusted. I was disgusted by the hypocrisy of the AZGOP for not calling out this behavior because just two weeks ago, they accused me– an educator, a mom, and Arizona’s Superintendent — of being a “groomer.” Why? Because I want to make sure ALL students are welcomed & supported in our schools. They throw this vile accusation at me because I stand in their way. Because I care about supporting our LGBTQ students. And because they want to force LGBTQ people back into the closet, isolated & ashamed. The AZGOP & my opponent can attack me all they want but I will never stop supporting ALL of Arizona’s students & families. This means providing resources to our LGBTQ students so they feel less alone in a world increasingly filled with hatred for them. Not a single Republican candidate or official denounced Tom Horne for having Stringer on his campaign. These are the people who want to lead our state & yet turned a blind eye to a pedophile working on a campaign to lead our schools. It’s shameful. Horne can downplay Stringer’s involvement in his campaign all he wants & return his donation after days of intense public backlash. But the fact remains, the Republican nominee to lead our schools, welcomed a pedophile on his campaign. And that should disgust us all.”

Superintendent Hoffman is right.

Mr. Hornes and the Republican Party’s behavior during this Stringer episode is hypocritical, disgusting, and shameful.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.

The Republican Party has become a political cesspool where domestic terrorists, racists, criminals, unhinged reality deniers, and even pedophiles are welcome as long as they worship the altar of white nationalism, tax cuts for the rich, and the cult of Donald Trump.

Voters have 69 days to make their choice for the next Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Mr. Horne, who has a record for speeding and campaign finance violations along with an association with corrupt-racist-sex offenders should not be given a second chance of helping shape young minds and steer the course for public schools.

Support Superintendent Kathy Hoffman this November 8, 2022.



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