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ArizonaTime once again for the Silly Wild Ass Guess (SWAG) list of candidates running for Congress in 2014. It's a short list this year (so far).


Ann Kirkpatrick (D) – Incumbent

Gary Kiehne (R) rancher and businessman

Rep. Andrew "Andy" Tobin (R) House Speaker

Rep. Adam Kwasman (R) District 11

Jim Brown (R)


Ronald "Ron" Barber (D) Incumbent

Martha McSally (R) retired USAF officer, 2012 candidate

Edward "Ed" Martin (R) Tucson talk radio host and Tea Party activist (withdrawn)

Shelley Kais (R) President of Kais E Systems, Inc.

Charles Wooten (R) Chief Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force (Retired)


Raúl Grijalva (D) Incumbent

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (R) Tea Party activist and 2012 candidate

Miguel "Mike" Olivas (R) ex-congressional aide and perennial candidate

Jaime Alfredo Vasquez (R) general comtreactor and 2012 candidate (withdrawn)

Damien Kennedy (R)


Paul Gosar (R) Incumbent

Mikel Weisser (D) poet, artist, Democratic activist, 2012 candidate


Matthew "Matt" Salmon (R) Incumbent

James Alan Samuelson (IND)


David Schweikert (R) Incumbent


Edward "Ed" Pastor (D) Incumbent


Trent Franks (R) Incumbent

Helmuth Hack (R) land surveyor and 2012 candidate (possible)


Kyrsten Sinema (D) Incumbent

Vernon Parker (R) former Paradise Valley Mayor and 2012 candidate

Wendy Rogers (R) retired USAF officer and 2012 candidate

Andrew Walter (R) retired former pro football player

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  1. According to Roll Call, Trent Franks is the 31st richest member of Congress, with a net worth of $11.12 million dollars. He is also in a congressional district with a “safe” Republican voter registration edge.

    If you want to challenge Franks, you need someone who is independently wealthy and can self-finance. It also has to be someone who is popular with strong name ID who can attract cross-over votes.

    Let us know when you find that individual.

  2. And once again, the ineptness of the state Democratic party shows. We can’t get anyone to run against Trent “Incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low” Franks?

    No one can stand up to Schweikert and Matt Salmon?

    Sure they’re long-term incumbents, but one reason they ARE long term incumbents is because no one ever runs against ’em.

    We won in 2006 because the R’s had a bad year and we ran an aggressive ’50 state’ policy.

    We need to run someone in every race up to down in the state, if nothing else to get people used to seeing a “D” line. We’ll force the R’s to run defense like they do to us.

    “Every State. Every Office.” should be the ONLY goal of the national Democratic Party infrastructure, because national wins flow from local wins.

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