SWAG re: 2010 Arizona Attorney General race

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The folks over at The Yellow Sheet (Arizona Capitol Times – subscription required) recently engaged in speculation and some silly wild ass guesses (SWAG) about the 2010 Arizona Attorney General race.

The Yellow Sheet is of the opinion that Republican Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will resign to run for Attorney General. As I have posted here previously it is my belief that Thomas still has his sights set on the governorship, but only time will tell.

Republican State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has already indicated he is exploring running for Attorney General rather than run for governor as he originally intended. "Damn you Jan Brewer!" He's done such a fine job in his current position – not!

Is this all the Republicans have to offer? A politically corrupt scandal machine and a guy who has made Arizona 49th in the nation in education and is proud of his "achievements"? Damn, this is one sorry lot.

The Yellow Sheet confirms what I have heard that Tim Nelson, who was the Democratic nominee for Maricopa County Attorney in 2008, is exploring running for Attorney General on the Democratic side. After getting his ass handed to him by the politically corrupt scandal-plagued Andrew Thomas (whom even the Arizona Republic criticized in its pre-election editorials) by a whopping 52% – 44%, I fail to see how this is a wise career move. You may not want to quit your day job, Tim.

House Minority Leader David Lujan, and a former deputy AG, has already filed an exploratory committee to run for Attorney General. Some of my sources had complained late last year that they attended an event ostensibly for another purpose that was hosted by Lujan, who used the opportunity to let everyone know about his exploratory committee. Classy.

There has been some speculation that Gerald Richard, a former Napolitano attorney who recently joined Terry Goddard's staff, may also be a candidate. My sources insist that Gerald Richard definitely is not a candidate.

The Yellow Sheet reported that Pinal County Attorney Jim Walsh's name had surfaced as a possible candidate, but they are reporting that Walsh will be joining Terry Goddard's campaign for governor.

The Yellow Sheet really needs to venture south of the Gila River more often, because I have a potential candidate with whom I have spoken that they overlooked. Deputy AG Vince Rabago, former Pima County Democratic Party Chairman (Outstanding County Chair of the Year in 2007) and current vice chair of the Arizona Democratic Party is exploring a run for Attorney General. Rabago was also a 2007 winner of a "40 Under 40" award, sponsored by Tucson Business Edge. 40 Under 40: Future's So Bright… Rabago is a native of Douglas, Arizona and teaches as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. Vince Rabago appears monthly in the "Face Off" segment with GOP gas bag John Munger (who dreams of becoming the next governor of Arizona) on KUAT's Arizona Illustrated. That's good debate prep.

Southern Arizona candidates often face tough obstacles getting press coverage in statewide races largely because the provincial media in the State of Maricopa tends to overlook and discount anyone whom they are not familiar with from their local environs. I would not underestimate Vince Rabago who is popular among Democratic Party activists, particularly among the election integrity community. More importantly, he is a very good attorney with an impressive track record at the AG's Office. And isn't that really the one qualification we should be looking for in our next Attorney General?

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  1. There is plenty to critique about Andrew Thomas but his ability to identify a popular issue (eliminating photo speeding tickets) and ride it for all it’s worth isn’t one of them.