SWAG Re: GOP Primary for Governor in 2010

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Earlier this week Tedski over at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion speculated that our "Accidental Governor" Jan Brewer would not seek a four year term of her own. There are two schools of thought on this, one school says Jan will not run (I tend to believe this is coming from supporters of other candidates), and the other school says she definitely will run.

I tend to believe Jan will run. Jan Brewer is a career politician (since 1982), it's all she knows. Arizonans enacted term limits to prevent career politicians like Jan Brewer from hanging around too long. How's that been working out for ya?

Tedski says the GOP party establishment candidate for governor is Congressman Jeff Flake (aka the Earmark Slayer). I hope some good Democrats are gearing up to run for this possible "open" congressional seat. I agree with Tedski that the establishment candidate has not faired well in recent years in GOP primaries. The GOP has been radicalized by its far right and treats mainstream GOP establishment candidates as RINO's – "Republicans in name only." (It is actually the radical right who are Republicans in name only).

I keep hearing ground noise that Rep. John Shadegg is exploring running for governor since John McCain decided to run for yet another term in the Senate. (Talk about a career politician hanging around too long.) Again, I hope some good Democrats are gearing up to run for this possible "open" congressional seat.

There is always former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, a belicose radio talk show host in Phoenix who is always threatening to run for one office or another (usually a challenge to John McCain in the GOP primary) depending upon how the mood strikes him on any given day.

I have previously stated my opinion that Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has an ego bigger than merely Attorney General and has his eyes set on running for governor. He is the kind of candidate that the radical right tends to rally around in support.

Karen Johnson

This week former state senator Karen Johnson (Show Low) filed an exploratory committee for governor. Johnson files paperwork for 2010 gubernatorial bid. As Matthew Benson of the Arizona Republic Reported:

A former state senator who has questioned the government's role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and once proposed that Arizona secede from the United States has filed paperwork exploring a run for governor in the 2010 general election.

* * *

Johnson said she hopes that her candidacy would bring issues to the forefront such as the need to rein in government spending, reduce taxes and assert the state's sovereignty from the federal government. Each was a hallmark of her legislative career.

But Johnson is mindful that her spearheading of more controversial matters could dampen her popularity among the masses.

In 2000, Johnson sponsored a measure that would have had Arizona secede from the union if the federal government instituted martial law or attempted to confiscate guns. Just last year, Johnson authored a bill that would have allowed concealed-weapons permit holders to bring their firearm to any K-12 school, community college or university in the state.

A conspiracy theorist [hence, the visual aid] on matters ranging from water fluoridation to the North American Union, Johnson has long questioned whether the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were an inside job.

Daniel Scarpinato from the Arizona Daily Star added Ex-state lawmaker eyes run for governor:

Johnson, 68, also cited a report issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that detailed the threats posed by "right-wing extremists."

"This is crazy," she said.  "We have gone nuts in this country."

"I would like to be up there and be somewhat of a voice for those people," she said.

So Karen Johnson wants to be the voice of right-wing extremists? OK then, moving on.

There are other Republicans who have filed a committee to run for governor. One is Hugh Kealer from Phoenix, Arizona. He apparently is a CPA and CFO at Keystone American Homes LLC. Hugh Kealer – LinkedIn I am unable to find any other information about him.

Another Republican is Pastor Tim Willis, the Bible-thumping pastor of the Christ Community Church north of Wickenberg, Arizona. Governor 2010: Anti-Brewer Conservatives are First to File Pastor Tim holds strident anti-abortion and anti-gay equal rights views.

But Pastor Tim may be outflanked on the far right by Janelle L. Wood, an insurance agent in Tempe, Arizona, who told the Phoenix New Times in an interview that she is tied to the religious right-wing "Independent American Party" that appears to desire a theocracy instead of the current system of government. Governor 2010: Anti-Brewer Conservatives are First to File

Roy Miller (who did not declare a party affiliation in his filing but says he is "a lifelong Republican") is a political blogger on the azcentral.com site, who helped to found the Goldwater Institute. Miller is also a retired banker and business consultant. "If you like the idea of legalizing marijuana, Miller's your guy." Governor 2010: Anti-Brewer Conservatives are First to File Miller says he will drop out if either Jeff Flake or John Shadegg runs for governor. I'm sure they are lying awake at night worrying about what you are going to do, Roy.

Finally, there is an "independent," John Paul Mitchell, who is a manager of a Phoenix credit card call center and the author of a self-published book which explains his theory how we can run modern government in America without collecting any taxes (the ultimate libertarian wet dream!). (h/t Freedom Arizona). Sounds like Thane's kinda guy.

If I have inadvertently left anyone out that you either know of or have heard solid rumors about exploring running for governor in the GOP primary, post it in the comments.

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  1. I understand that Sonoran Alliance blog is claiming an inside source who says that Jan Brewer definitely will not run for governor. That would leave Shadegg, Flake and Thomas as the early front runners. Maybe Tom Horne and Ken Bennett will reconsider which office they will seek in 2010 if Brewer really is out of the picture.

    If Jan Brewer has declared herself a “lame duck,” what kind of leverage does she have to get what she wants out of this legislature? None. Not a wise political move.

  2. Tim S:

    I previously posted a a SWAG piece about Democratic candidates for statewide office http://arizona.typepad.com/blog/2009/03/swag-re-2010-arizona-democratic-primaries.html

  3. Tim S, neither Pederson nor Goddard have insinuated that our US government was involved in planning the 9/11, and neither have them have said that sending your child to day care was akin to child abuse. I’d say, based on that, our serious candidates are miles ahead of yours.

  4. Hmm, an eclectic bunch for sure. And on the Democrat side? Pedersen and Goddard. Did I miss anyone? No? Oh, that’s right, all you ever have is Pedersen and Goddard. Pedersen ran and lost, but he pays for everything so you have to let him run. And Goddard ran and lost way back when, you know, before he ran and lost again? Oh well, maybe being for the Pima County voting machines before he was against them will ensure that the third time is indeed the charm. How about Phil Gordon, might he run? And if he does, will he do so as a Democrat or a Republican?

  5. Mr. Nobama,
    How coincidental that your name is so like our president’s. I understand how angry you are. I’m angry too.
    I’m angry that my country’s resources were wasted in an unnecessary war, that my country used torture, that climate warming increased while the previous administration did nothing, that U.S. policy was based on an idealogical bent, rather than real science and law, etc., etc., etc.
    Personally, my anger is abating, because we finally have a smart gut in the White House, but you’re right, Mr. Nobama, (can’t get over that similarity), the D or the R really doesn’t matter. What matters is integrity and intelligence, not the willingness to walk in idealogical lockstep with loons.

  6. Political Parties will not carry the vote in the next election; its the peoples turn ; a D or R after your name will make no difference; we are mad as hell!

  7. Yes, a guy can dream. A dream plus a lot of hard work (30,000 signatures) will get him printed on the November 2010 ballot.


  8. I don’t buy that Brewer won’t run. I do think you are correct that I likely favorite among the AZGOP would be Thomas.