TABOR comes to Arizona

From People for the American Way:

BankruptcyAs part of a national crusade to undermine government’s ability to serve its citizens, right-wing activists are trying to impose a reckless constitutional amendment on Arizona.  HCR 2022, better known by the propagandistic name of "Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights," or TABOR,
seeks to put elected officials in a budgeting straightjacket that would
cripple their ability to address Arizona’s changing needs.

In November, Coloradoans suspended a virtually identical provision after it nearly bankrupted their state. If
you value public education, transportation, and health care, you need
to help defeat this bill now making its way through the Arizona
Its proponents disguise its real effects by
claiming that they know today what the states’ budgeting needs will be
5, 10, even 50 years down the road. HCR 2022 seeks to write into the
state constitution a deceptive budgeting formula that does not allow
for growth or emergencies.

The House Appropriations Committee is
meeting tomorrow, February 8, at 1:30 pm to conduct hearings on HCR
2022 — the committee members need to hear from you now!

Coloradans came to regret adopting their
TABOR amendment just thirteen years into this risky experiment —
indeed, many of the same politicians and business leaders who initially
backed TABOR, including Republican Governor Bill Owens, led the fight
for its suspension. In Colorado,

  • 15,600 children were denied health care coverage.
  • 100,000 seniors lost their property tax exemptions.
  • Affordable housing loans were eliminated.
  • Basic state service locations — including 33 driver’s license offices — were eliminated.

No one can see the future, and it’s the
job of elected officials to make decisions about how to spend taxpayer
money. Don’t let the Right send Arizona down the same road to ruin from
which Colorado will spend years fighting to recover!

The committee members need to hear from you before tomorrow’s hearing!   Let them know that you don’t want TABOR in Arizona!  Urge them to vote NO on HCR 2022.

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  1. Colorado has indeed suffered under TABOR and there are 13 other states, besides, Arizona that are currently have TABOR initiatives on their ballots this fall.

    Former Colorado Legislator Bradley Young, has just finished writing an in-depth look at TABOR, its realities and flaws that every registered voter should read in a TABOR effected state.

    The title is TABOR and Direct Democracy. and is available of course at