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The Arizona GOP had one job in 2014, and Robert Graham muffed it


The AZ GOP sent out a strange message that looks like a cross between their Chairman Robert Graham spiking the football post election and some sage advice for the AZ Democrats.

Ten Reasons Arizona Democrats are Disenchanted
Arizona Democrats suffered crippling losses in the 2014 election, failing on an even grander scale than in their 2010 and 2012 losses. In addition to losing a congressional seat and falling short, again, in efforts to win a single statewide office, one must explore how the party that promised the world ended up delivering nothing, and then some. After repeated disasters at the polls Democrats must be pretty disenchanted. Could their demise have been prevented? Let’s take a look. Continue reading

Arizona Women’s Political Caucus (AWPC) endorsements for 2014 Primary


AWPC 2014 Primary Election Endorsements
Federal Races (endorsements done by National Women’s Political Caucus)
U.S. House CD 9 Kyrsten Sinema (D)
Arizona Statewide Races
Attorney General Felicia Rotellini (D)
Corporation Commission Sandra Kennedy (D)*
Arizona Legislative District (LD) Races
LD 2 Senate Andrea Dalessandro (D)*
House Rosana Gabaldon (D)*
LD 3 Senate Olivia Cajero Bedford (D)*
House Sally Ann Gonzales (D)*
LD 4 Senate Lynne Pancrazi (D) *
House Charlene Fernandez (D)
House Lisa Otondo (D) *
LD 8 Senate Barbara McGuire (D)*
House Carmen Casillas (D)
LD 9 House Victoria Steele (D)*
LD 10 House Stefanie Mach (D)*
LD 11 Senate Jo Holt (D)
House Holly Lyon (D)
LD 17 Senate Kristie O’Brien (D)
House Danielle Lee (D)
LD 18 Senate Janie Hydrick (D)*
House Mitzi Epstein (D)
LD 19 Senate Angela Cotera (D)
LD 20 Senate Patrice Kennedy (D)
House Amy Schwabenlender (D)
LD 21 Senate Carolyn Vasko (D)
House Esther Lumm (D)
LD 24 Senate Katie Hobbs (D)*
House Lela Alston (D)*
LD 27 House Norma Munoz (D) *
House Rebecca Rios (D)
LD 28 Senate Kelli Butler (D)
LD 29 House Ceci Velasquez (D)
House Denice Garcia (D)
LD 30 House Debbie McCune-Davis (D)*

The * indicates the incumbent in office. More about AWPC at: http://awpconline.org/index.html

Vote wisely for the Arizona Primary (August 26), and the General Election (November 4, 2014).