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Tucson 2015 General Election results – updated

Up for re-election this year were Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, with only token opposition from 3 Independent write in candidates, plus three Tucson City Councilmembers: Ward 1 Regina Romero, Ward 2 Paul Cunningham and Ward 4 Shirley Scott.

Election results:


Jonathan Rothschild (D)   52,805 (winner)

Write in –  3722

All 3 Democrats are leading in the Council races, likely winners:

Ward 1:

Bill Hunt (R)   29,025

Regina Romero (D) , incumbent  38,753  (winner)

Ward 2:

Paul Cunningham (D), incumbent  38,539 (winner)

Kelly Lawton (R)  29,067

Ward 4:

Margaret Burkholder (R)  30,154

Shirley Scott (D), incumbent  37,406  (winner)

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Watch Zona Politics’ candidate debates for Tucson City Council races in Wards 1, 2, 4

Over these past weeks, Tucson Weekly senior writer Jim Nintzel, host of Zona Politics (TV show on Sunday mornings at 8 a.m.) interviewed all the candidates running for election in the Tucson City Council races.  Here’s a recap of the debates, in case you don’t know whom to vote for:

Ward 1 on Sunday Sept. 13:  incumbent, 2 term Democrat Regina Romero vs.
Republican challenger Bill Hunt:


Ward 2 on Sunday Sept. 20: incumbent 1 term Democrat Paul Cunningham vs. Republican challenger Kelly Lawton:


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Tucson Metro Chamber endorses Councilmembers Cunningham & Scott, Ward 4 candidate Burkholder

Tucson Weekly writer Jim Nintzel got the scoop on these endorsements from the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce for the upcoming Tucson City Council races: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2015/09/25/tucson-metro-chamber-endorses-cunningham-scott-and-burkholder-in-council-races

They did NOT endorse either candidate in Ward 1: Democratic Councilmember Regina Romero seeking her 3rd term, or Republican challenger Bill Hunt (political newcomer)

Ward 2: the Metro endorsed current 1 term Democratic Councilmember Paul Cunningham, over his Republican challenger Kelly Lawton (political newcomer)

Ward 2 Councilman Paul Cunningham

Ward 2 Councilman Paul Cunningham

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Watch AZPM Metro Week – Ward 1 and Ward 2 Council candidates

Now that the City of Tucson primary is over, view these candidate interviews on AZPM Channel 6 Metro Week’s segment for September 4, 2015 : https://www.azpm.org/p/featured-news/2015/9/4/71474-metro-week-tucson-city-council-elections-candidates-in-wards-1-and-2/

Host Andrea Kelly asked the candidates about their priorities, the Sun Tran bus strike, other neighborhood issues.

Who’s running for Ward 1 Council:

Regina Romero, Democrat, incumbent 2 terms

Bill Hunt, Republican challenger

Ward 2 Council:

Paul Cunningham, Democrat, incumbent, 1 term

Kelly Lawton, Republican challenger

Next week Metro Week will be interviewing the 2 candidates in Ward 4, incumbent Democrat Shirley Scott and Republican challenger Margaret Burkholder.  Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, running unopposed will be interviewed next week as well on Channel 6.

More info/bios on Democratic candidates:  www.pimadems.org

More info/bios on Republican candidates: www.pimagop.org

Vote wisely on or before Nov. 3, 2015. Vote by mail ballots will be mailed out on Oct. 8, 2015.

2015 City of Tucson primary election results

Go to City of Tucson Elections website for official results: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/apps/elections/current.html

32,411 voters cast their ballots out of a total of 225,747 registered voters (14.4%). Here’s the results:

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild (D)  22,068

No Republican candidate for Mayor

Democratic primary – Council races

Ward 1 Regina Romero  3,437

Ward 2 Paul Cunningham 4,850

Ward 4 Shirley Scott 3,125

Republican primary – Council races

Ward 1 Bill Hunt 815

Ward 2 Kelly Lawton 4,073

Ward 4 Margaret Burkholder  2,851

The primary election is ward only, but the General election on Nov. 3, 2015 is city-wide.

Check our image Calendar for upcoming Council candidates forums in September and October.