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I Won! (video)

Jo Holt, Pamela Powers Hannley, Dustin Williams

Pima County Democratic Party Chair Jo Holt, Pamela Powers Hannley (LD9 candidate) and Dustin Williams (Pima County Superintendent of Schools candidate).

Tuesday night– primary night– was thrilling.

Jim and I attended the Pima Democratic Party Unity Party at Brother John’s Beer, Burbon & BBQ. Once Jim entered the place and smelled BBQ, he decided he had to try some. We were in the dining room off to the side of the big party, when one of my stalwart supporters came into the dining room and said, “You’re WINNING! You need to get in there.”

I went into the party room to see that I was 2000 votes ahead of Matt Kopec as soon as the early ballots were reported, and my lead increased to roughly 2200 as the night went on.

Tuesday night, I won the second slot on the LD9 Democratic Party ticket with 33% of the vote in LD9. Rep. Randy Friese and I will advance to the general election on November 8, 2016.

My race is the only Southern Arizona race in which a challenger took down an incumbent. Although this is the third time that a Pima County Supervisors’ appointee has been defeated by a challenger, many in the news media and the party establishment are scratching their heads in amazement at my win.

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Feminism, Socialism, Hillary, & Bernie

World leaders when the men are photoshopped out of the picture.

An Islamic leader infamously had German Chancellor Angela Merkel Photoshopped out of a group photo of world leaders because she was not wearing a veil. Here is a group photo with male world leaders Photoshopped out of the picture. This is the problem.

While many American progressives swoon over Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders’ laundry list of economic reforms– like free college education, taxing the rich, and redistributing the wealth– others support the progressive woman candidate, who has been leading in the polls for months.

Baby Boomer feminists like myself have been fighting for equality and punching through the glass ceiling of sexism our entire working lives. Hillary Clinton is one of us. She is poised to punch through the thickest glass ceiling in the world– the US presidency.


In the 1960s, when I was in the eighth grade, I told my guidance counselor that I wanted to go to college. He asked why– since girls really didn’t need to go to college. He finally acquiesced and ask, “So, do you want to be a teacher or a nurse? Those are the only professions for which women need a college degree.”


In the 1970s, I sued an employer for wage discrimination and won, but…

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Republicans Have a Problem with Women (video)

The Republican Party doesn’t realize what all husbands know: Women have legendary memories. We know where your socks are, and we know who our friends are.

The Party of NO— no leaders, no ideas, no morals, and no action– is not a friend of women. Since the Tea Party astroturf revolution of 2010:

  • Hundreds of bills restricting the rights of women and forcing women to have unnecessary, invasive medical procedures have been passed by red state legislatures, including Arizona’s;
  • 100% of the Republicans in the US Senate have voted against paycheck fairness for women;
  • 100% of the Arizona Republican legislators and statewide leaders– including their candidate for governor, Doug Ducey– signed a fetal personhood pledge to fight for the rights of fetuses over the rights of women;
  • 100% of Republicans in Congress and the Arizona Legislature would deny women equal rights under the US Constitution by continuing to block passage of the Equal Rights Amendment;
  • 0% of Republican candidates have announced their support for raising the minimum wage and wage discrimination against women;
  • Women and children are murdered everyday because Republicans in the US Senate– including Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake– blocked common sense gun laws proposed after the Sandy Hook Massacre;

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Rocker Joan Jett Says ‘When Women Vote, Women Win’ (video)

Reproductive choice
Rocker Joan Jett wants YOU to vote— and bring friends with you.

Women are not just a voting block; we make up 53% of the voters in this country. Despite the power of our numbers, somehow 100% of the Republicans in the Senate don’t believe that we deserve equal pay for equal work, and several Republican-led Legislatures– including Arizona’s– think it’s perfectly OK to restrict your rights and force YOU to have an unnecessary vaginal ultrasound– and pay for it yourself– before you can have a legal medical procedure. (Don’t even bother to ask them if we deserve equal rights that would be granted by passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.)

In Arizona, the vote is crystal clear for women. ALL Democratic Party candidates– Congressional, statewide, and legislative— stand for equal pay, equal rights, and reproductive choice for women. Republicans stand for repression of women through continued bad legislation in Phoenix. For example, Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey — and all of the Republicans in the Arizona Legislature– signed the Center for Arizona Policy’s fetal personhood pledge to fight for the rights of the unborn, over the rights of mothers. (Now you know whose side they’re on, and it’s NOT ours.)

Women– Republicans think you’re too stupid to vote. Prove them WRONG on Nov. 4. Joan Jett video and background facts after the jump.

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CD2 Candidates: Where Do Barber & McSally Stand on the Issues?

Ron Barber vs Martha McSally

Venn diagram showing where CD2 Congressional Candidates Ron Barber and Martha McSally agree or disagree. (TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Progressives have their hair on fire regarding Congressman Ron Barber’s (and Kyrsten Sinema’s) recent votes to help Teapublicans in the House of Representatives create a Congressional  witch hunt committee to re-investigate the the terrorist attack in Benghazi in 2012, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. (Seriously, boys, if Benghazi and Monica Lewinsky’s article in Vanity Fair are all you have on Hillary, you’re in trouble. But I digress.)

On Facebook, Democrats and Progressives are vowing never to work or donate to Barber because of his Republican-lite voting record. Some say they may reluctantly vote for him but nothing more! I have often said that women’s issues (healthcare, choice, access to contraception, and equal pay) may save Barber, and that otherwise, he and challenger Martha McSally are pretty close in their views– particularly on the A-10.

Inspired by BfAZ blogger Donna Gratehouse’s Venn diagram earlier today, I offer the above Venn diagram to illustrate what issues Barber and McSally agree and disagree on. [Click on graphic to enlarge.] The information has been gleaned from statements, votes, news stories, and the candidates’ campaign websites. [NOTE: The Venn diagram includes an incomplete list of the “silent” issues. They also both void discussing: the environment; marijuana legalization; private prisons; undocumented workers; unemployment, food stamps, and other social safety net programs; and probably others I haven’t thought of.]

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AZ Star Perpetuates ‘Ethan Orr Is a Moderate’ Myth

by Pamela Powers Hannley

In today's Arizona Daily Star, columnist Tim Steller chides the Pima County Democratic Party for trying to take down "moderate" Republican LD9 Legislator Ethan Orr. 

First of all, a quick look at Orr's voting record and political endorsements reveal that the "Ethan Orr is a moderate" meme is a myth. For example:

Orr voted FOR voter suppression on multiple occasions. Most recently, Orr cast the deciding vote in committee and sided Republicans who want to do an "end run" around voters by repealing last year's Omnibus Voter Suppression Bill (HB2305), in order to pass several other voter suppression bills this session. The bill to repeal HB2305– if passed by the Legislature– will eliminate the citizens' right to vote for or against voter suppression in the 2014 election. Orr voted for voter suppression last week,  and he was part of the Republican block that originally passed HB2305 in the dead of night in the waning hours of the 2013 Legislative session.

Orr signed an anti-abortion pledge to defend the rights of the unborn. Orr– along with Governor Jan Brewer, Republican legislators, and three weak-kneed Democrats– signed the Christian conservative Center for Arizona Policy's pledge to fight for the rights of unborn fetuses, while ignoring the legal rights of adult women to make choices about their bodies, their children, and their lives. Steller soft-sells Orr's pro-fetus stance by saying that Orr "tends toward a pro-life viewpoint on abortion." Orr signed a pledge to fight for fetal personhood; this is an extreme viewpoint that confers rights upon fetuses– while taking away the rights of American women. This goes far beyond tending "toward pro-life". [Pledge text and more after the jump.]

Here is an excerpt from the pledge that Orr and other Arizona lawmakers signed:

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives and Senate of the State of Arizona:

That the Members of the House of Representatives and Senate shall make every effort to secure for preborn children [AKA fetuses] at every stage of development all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to persons, citizens, and residents of this State, until the decisional interpretations of the United States Constitution by the United States Supreme Court provide protection for every human being.

Right wing money and conservative think tanks back Orr. A quick look at Project Vote Smart's page on Orr lists his endorsements and votes. The National Rifle Institute (NRA) endorsed Orr and gave him a 92% approval rating. (His multiple pro-gun votes in 2013 show that he repaid the NRA for their kindness. During the 2014 session, Orr originally leaned toward backing a child protection gun safety bill promoted by pediatricians but has since decided to stick with the NRA on that one.) Orr is also backed by the Goldwater Institute (Arizona's own pro-business, small-guv'mint, pro-privatization, right-wing-model-law generating "think tank" — our own mini-ALEC) and the Chamber of Commerce. 

If Orr is a right-winger, why did he vote to expand Medicaid? Because Medicaid expansion is business friendly and financially responsible.

Orr's pro-Medicaid expansion vote in 2013 is the primary evidence cited to back up the claim that Orr is a moderate. Yes, voting for Medicaid expansion was a good thing, but Orr's Medicaid vote can easily be explained by his Chamber of Commerce endorsement and his close ties to high-profile Tucson businessman Jim Click.

Governor Jan Brewer backed Medicaid expansion because it will bring millions of dollars in federal subsidies into the state's coffers; Click and the Chamber backed it for the same reason. (They are businessmen, after all.) In multiple articles (123) on the Jim Click Business Preferred Network website, Medicaid expansion is championed. As Steller writes, the "corporate wing of the Republican Party" (people like Click) may represent Orr's strongest backers.