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Blue Wave Washed over #AZLeg: Seven GOP Incumbents Lose Seats

AZ House Democratic Caucus

Democratic Caucus of the Arizona House– all 29 of us! Our newly elected Minority Leader is Rep. Charlene Fernandez (center in white jacket).

In the week since the 2018 Midterm Election, pundits have been judging the size and very existence of the predicted Blue Wave . To determine if the Blue Wave of newly elected Democrats was a tsunami or a just ripple, the media has focused primarily on Congressional and gubernatorial races–with little or no mention of state legislatures.

With voter turnout at 60%, there is no doubt that a Blue Wave washed over Arizona on Nov. 6, 2018. Democratic women won major victories: US Senate (Kyrsten Sinema), CD2 (Ann Kirkpatrick), Corporation Commission (Sandra Kennedy), Superintendent of Public Instruction (Kathy Hoffman), and maybe but still too close to call Secretary of State (Katie Hobbs). The incumbent Republicans for three of these seats– Corporation Commission (Tom Forese), Superintendent of Public Instruction (Diane Douglas), and Secretary of State (Michelle Reagan)– all lost in the primary. Now, Democrats will hold those seats.

In the Arizona House, the Blue Wave was more of a tsunami. Seven Republican incumbents will not be returning to the Arizona Legislature in January 2019.

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AZ Asian American Pacific Islander Dems Election kickoff & New Year Social

“Join the AZ Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus to kick off the 2018 Election Season in conjunction with the start of the Lunar New Year. Enjoy delicious food, meet local Democratic candidates and learn about important issues. Visit their FB page for updated information on confirmed guests and key information.

This is a FREE event, but an RSVP is appreciated! RSVP on the FB page or call (520) 309-6114.


Come meet and mingle! Updated attendees …

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Council candidates for 2017 City of Tucson primary election

May 31, 2017 was the deadline for the filing of those who will be running for Ward 3, 5 and 6 in the City of Tucson Council races. There will be a Democratic primary in Ward 3  and a Green Party primary in Ward 6, as the other candidates are unopposed in their primaries.  Councilman Richard Fimbres faces no opposition at all for his seat in Ward 5.

Here’s the list of who filed nomination petitions: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/files/clerks/Candidate_Listing.pdf

Ward 3  (open seat, as Democratic Councilmember Karin Uhlich is retiring)

Felicia Chew (D), teacher at Mansfeld Middle School

Paul Durham (D), attorney, former Chief of Staff for Councilmember Nina Trasoff

Thomas Tronsdal (D), owner of Canyon Fence Company, also an attorney

Gary Watson (I), employed at Northwest Fire Department as a firefighter

Ward 5

Councilmember Richard Fimbres (D, 2 terms), unopposed

Ward 6

Councilmember Steve Kozachik, (D, 2 terms)

Mariano Rodriguez (R), architect

Mike Cease (G), Chair of Pima County Green Party Steering Committee, ran unsuccessfully for Pima County Recorder in Nov. 2016

Michael Oatman (G), candidate for U.S. President in 2008 as a Democrat, and in 2012 as a Green

Stay tuned for upcoming primary election forums for these candidates in Ward 3 and Ward 6. The City of Tucson primary will be on August 29, 2017.



Green Party of Pima County urges “no” vote on Prop. 123

Green Party of Pima County – Vote “No” on Prop. 123 on May 17thlogoRL

“Proposition 123 does nothing more than reward bad behavior, abuse of power and corruption at the State Level. It literally allows politicians, already legally determined to be withholding money from schools, to mortgage our future educational dollars without thought of any future need beyond 10 years.
First, proposition 123 does not pay the full amount the courts have already ruled is due the schools pursuant to proposition 301 which voters passed in 2000. Secondly, the Arizona State Land Trust Fund, whose interest of typically 2.5% annually, already earmarked for education, has been targeted for a raid by state pirates and politicians. The land trust funds principal will be tapped to the tune of more than 6% per year, depleting the funds principal and depriving AZ students and taxpayer’s of any form of educational security. This approach to funding literally robs future generations of money for our schools, in order to pay current educational debt that was already withheld by the governor and his majority. Might this also trigger land sales by the state to replenish a diminished land trust, benefiting developers heretofore unknown?
We, the members of the Green Party in Pima County, say the risk to our environmental sustainability and our way of life is too great, and our reward to our children and teacher’s is non-existent. Prop. 123 does not provide enough financial resource to fix the under-funding problems and poor teacher pay already in existence. In fact, the state has a budget surplus of nearly $1 billion which could be used to fund schools immediately. The state has not done so.
When faced with overwhelming evidence of incompetence, at best, and corruption, at worst, an informed electorate must act to solve problems, and correct inequities. Preserve our Land Trust, and let’s fight for what we approved in proposition 301.
Vote “No” on Prop. 123. 
Vote “Yes” for our environment and future generations of students.”

1st GPPC Representative Josh Reilly

GPPC Chairperson Mike Cease

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Cheryl Cage resigns as Chair of Pima County Democratic Party

Consultant Cheryl Cage who served as Chair of Pima County Democratic Party since January, 2015 has resigned. Here is her letter:

former Chair Cheryl Cage

former Chair Cheryl Cage

“September 24, 2015

Dear PCDP Executive Committee members: Since 2006 I have devoted my energies toward Democratic efforts in southern Arizona. I accepted the position of chair because I believed that my campaign management experience and passion for Democratic ideals would serve the party well. During the first six months I am extremely proud that we established, and fully funded, a capital fund to renovate the Pima County Democratic Party headquarters. We also established a Democratic ‘Bench’ Training program while raising the visibility of the party throughout the district. However, it appears that others within the leadership of the party disagree with my approach. Although I was willing to work and address our differences others were not. It is with great sadness, and great personal disappointment that I resign as Chair of Pima County Democratic Party effectively immediately.

With greatest respect and good wishes for the future, Cheryl A. Cage”

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