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Militarize the border? Has this fool ever heard of posse comitatus?

FOX & Friends and FOX prime time pundits (aka presidential advisers) have our nativist racist Twitter-troll-in-chief all worked up about a “caravan” of Central American refugees coming to America. Why Is Trump Still Obsessing About a Caravan of Migrants?

But the truth is that, according to the Washington Post, Trump’s ignorance about what is going on is even worse than we thought. Here are some things he doesn’t seem to know:

  • “The Mexican government on Monday evening moved to break up the caravan of migrants moving through southern Mexico”
  • This is an “annual caravan intended to raise awareness about the plight of people making the dangerous trek across Mexico toward the United States”
  • “Mexico deported 16,278 people during the first two months of 2018; 97 percent of them were Central Americans, according to the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights group.”
  • “Mexico increased its immigration enforcement in 2014, when it enacted a “Southern Border Plan” in response to a flood of unaccompanied Central American children who were transiting the country and arriving in the United States.

While Trump is rage tweeting, this is happening:

On Monday, Mexico’s interior minister, Alfonso Navarrete, said he and U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had spoken. “We agreed to analyze the best ways to attend to the flows of migrants in accordance with the laws of each country,” Navarrete tweeted.

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Sorry Republicans, the Honduran refugees aren’t this year’s “headless bodies”

Crossposted from DemocraticDiva.com

On Tuesday morning, some goobers in Arizona thought they were going to repeat what goobers in Murrieta, CA did last week, when they got a bus full of refugees from Honduras to turn around, and border agents to stop sending anymore migrant children through their community, by being screaming assholes. Sadly for the Arizona effort, the bigots were only able to challenge one bus full of American kids going to a YMCA activity, though one Adam Kwasman, candidate for Congress in CD01, did succeed in making himself look like a giant dumbass.

Basically what is happening is that a lot of the conservatives here are engaging in a fumbling attempt to party like it’s 2010, when they rode immigrant bashing all the way to a smashing victory in that midterm election. SB1070 was many things, but one of the main things about it was that it was one of the most well-played scams in political history. It was pure flypaper to get Republicans out to vote, while dampening Democratic turnout, and making a fortune for Republican politicians and consultants. Much of the voter support for it that was not overt racism was justified ginned up hysteria over a murdered rancher, cartels, and “headless bodies in the desert”. Invoking those menacing images enabled Republicans from Jan Brewer on down to claim they were protecting Arizonans from violence with SB1070. This is not so easily claimed with teenagers and small children fleeing their homelands in terror. Even Kwasman had to pretend he saw “fear on the faces” of the children on the YMCA bus. The screaming meemies protesting the childrens’ arrival are forced to emphasize “diseases”, because it’s obvious to any sentient being they are seeking refuge from violence, not trying to bring it here. Outside of making this about Obama, I’m not sure how much this would help any Republican here in November.