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Arizona Chamber of Commerce uses ‘fuzzy math’ to attack InvestInEd tax initiative

Our corporate overlords at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has subverted numerous campaigns with its “dark money” over the years and created the GOP culture of corruption which exists in Arizona, has filed a lawsuit against the InvestInEd tax initiative to once again thwart the will of the people.

The Arizona Capitol Times reports, Foes of education tax proposal base legal challenge on arithmetic:

A new lawsuit filed Tuesday by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry contends the petitions circulated by the #InvestInEd committee are “objectively false and misleading.” GOP Attorney Kory Langhofer wants a judge to block the issue from getting on the November ballot.

Part of Langhofer’s contention is that the measure, if approved, would do more than boost income tax rates on individuals making more than $250,000 and couples in the $500,000-plus range.

He argues it also would rescind a 2015 law that indexes all income tax brackets, a move that would affect those in lower-wage categories and that the 100-word description fails to inform voters of that fact. Jim Barton, attorney for the campaign, counters that Langhofer is off-base and the indexing is preserved.

But much of the litigation is based on numbers — and how voters may understand them.

Here comes the GOP “fuzzy math.”

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Arizona List Survey: Huge Voter Support for Stop Dirty Money & Invest in Ed Initiatives

According to a new survey by the Arizona List:

  • Arizona Voters are strongly in favor of public initiatives to Stop Dirty Money and Invest in Ed.
  • Voters are divided on ballot initiatives to stop school vouchers (known as “Empowerment Scholarship Accounts.”)
  • There are three primary issues voters care about: comprehensive immigration reform including a pathway to citizenship, fully funding public education and affordable access to healthcare.

The Arizona List is a committee for pro-choice Democratic women in Arizona. The survey of 1,200 likely November 2018 voters in Arizona was conducted by veteran pollster Lisa Grove of Anzalone Liszt Grove research.

The results were shared exclusively with The Blog For Arizona. Subscribe to our blog at https://blogforarizona.net/subscribe-to-blog-for-arizona/

Popular initiatives

Stopping dirty money in politics is overwhelmingly popular with 78% of voters voting “yes.” Outlaw Dirty Money is an initiative that would change the Arizona constitution to say that any non-profit spending more than $10,000 on a political campaign would have to disclose donors who contribute at least $2,500.

Supporters say people should vote yes because it will increase transparency in our elections. It will require any front organization that gets money from the anti-consumer, anti-public school and anti-worker billionaires like the Koch brothers to disclose the original sources of the dark money.

65% of voters are in favor of the Invest In Ed initiative. It increases K-12 funding in the classroom, raises teacher and support staff salaries, and adds full-day kindergarten, by raising income taxes on individuals earning more than $250,000 and households earning more than $500,000.

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