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AZ’s Worst Legislator: Mark Finchem is Bad for Schools, Women, and Veterans

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Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem (R-Oro Valley) wants to sell the Grand Canyon to pay the state’s debt. That’s not the only bad idea he’s come up with since representing Oro Valley and Marana in Legislative District 11 since 2015. He injects … Continue reading

AZ’s Worst Legislator: Vince Leach, not a Servant of the People in LD 11

State Representative Leach favors dark money and subsidizing the rich.

State Representative Leach favors dark money and subsidizing the rich.

State Representative Vincent Leach of Legislative District 11 and other reactionary zealots like him sure act like big government promoters when it comes to their anti-democratic agenda.

Leach has sponsored ideas such as:

  • Protecting Dark Money contributors.
  • Overruling local election results and ballot initiatives, such as whether local towns can prohibit plastic bags in stores.
  • Opposing a woman’s right to choose.
  • Allowing taxpayer money to help students choose private religious schools.

LD11 spans from Maricopa in the north to the tip of Tucson in the south.

A self-described conservative, Leach has an A rating from both the Oliver North led National Rifle Association and the American Conservative Union, yet poor marks with the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and the Children’s Action Alliance. A SaddleBrooke resident, Representative Leach has been in the Arizona State House since 2015. He is now the chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety, Infrastructure, and Resources and Vice Chairman of the House and Ways Committee.

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AZ Senate Candidate Ralph Atchue Advocates for Families and Small Businesses of LD 11

Ralph Atchue sees himself as an open-minded problem solver

Ralph Atchue sees himself as an open-minded problem solver

A former Air Force veteran, union steward, and postmaster from the Chicago area, LD 11 State Senate Clean Elections Candidate Ralph Atchue has launched a grassroots campaign pledging to be a consensus builder.

Atchue advocates a robust forward-looking program that includes investments in public education, comprehensive tax reform, green energy, and transportation innovations like a high-speed rail line from Tucson to Phoenix and later Las Vegas.

Gaining perspective on the competing positions from both labor as a union steward and management as a postmaster general, Atchue sees himself (unlike his opponent for the State Senate, Vince Leach) as a problem solver who can forge inclusive consensus among all stakeholders by bringing them together, discussing the issues, and arriving at compromise solutions that will be agreeable to all parties.

By prioritizing progress, individuals, families, and small businesses, Atchue believes that the residents of LD 11 will be better served that way rather than emphasizing the reactionary and obstructionist interests of the Dark Money groups that Leach subscribes to. (See AZ’s Worst Legislator: Vince Leach, not a Servant of the People in LD 11)

Seeing himself as an open-minded problem solver rather than being tied to any ideological program, Atchue’s campaign looks to attract all parties: Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who want common sense solutions that provide for the greater long-term good of the district. Independents and Republicans have joined Democrats in volunteering to help his campaign as they strive to knock on 2,000 doors a month to bring the candidates inclusive message.

Atchue’s positions on the issues are as follows: Continue reading

Watch AZ Citizens Clean Election debates online – LD 3 and LD 11 races

Arizona CCEC (Citizens Clean Elections Commission) hosted 2 debates this week in Southern Arizona:

LD 3 House debate at PCC West Campus on October 3:  Democratic House Rep. Sally Ann Gonzales and Green Party candidate Edward “Trey” Cizek III — campaigning for 2 seats in the House.  Not  participating was the other Democratic House Rep. Macario Saldate, running traditionally (not required to be there). All candidates in this race are running traditionally (not with clean elections funds), but CCEC will host a debate is someone requests it.

State Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) did not participate as she is unopposed.

View LD 3 debate online here:


LD 11 Senate and House debate at Hilton El Conquistador Hotel on October 4: State Senator Steve Smith (R) vs. challenger Ralph Atchue (D); House Rep. Mark Finchem (R), House Rep. Vince Leach (R), Democratic challenger Corin Hammond (only clean elections candidate in this race) – campaigning for 2 House seats.

View LD 11 debate online here:


Vote wisely on or before Nov. 8, 2016.

General Election 2014 results – Southern Arizona (updated)

General election returns for Arizona posted at Sec. of State’s website: http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/AZ/53314/144530/Web01/en/summary.html.  Check that site for updates.  Latest news posted below for selected races in Southern Arizona.  I will now only continue to update for the close races: CD 2,  State House races in LD 9 & 10, TUSD race.

Congressional District 1

Ann Kirkpatrick (D), incumbent   79,588

Andy Tobin (R)  70,219

CD 2  too close to call

Ron Barber (D), incumbent 92,810

Martha McSally (R) 94,103

CD 3

Raul Grijalva (D) , incumbent  45,053

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (R) 36,816

Legislative District 2 Senate (1 seat)

Andrea Dalessandro (D), incumbent 18947

Daniel Estella (R) 15606

LD 3 Senate

Olivia Cajero Bedford (D), incumbent 20,559

LD 9 Senate

Steve Farley (D), incumbent 36,430

LD 10 Senate

David Bradley (D), incumbent 26830

Mark Morrison (R) 25,111

LD 11 Senate

Jo Holt (D) 19,904

Steve Smith (R)  28,424

LD 14 Senate

Gail Griffin (R), incumbent 25,551


And for the AZ House seats (2 elected  in each legislative district):

LD 2 House 

John Chris Ackerley (R)  16,400

Demion Clinco (D), incumbent 14,420

Rosanna Gabaldon (D), incumbent 17,544

LD 3 House

Sally Ann Gonzales (D), incumbent 17,453

Macario Saldate (D), incumbent 15,429

LD 9 House – too close to call

Randy Friese (D) 27,766

Ethan Orr (R), incumbent  27,774

Victoria Steele (D), incumbent 28,025

LD 10 House – might be too close to call for 2nd seat

Todd Clodfelter (R) 25,398

Stefanie Mach (D), incumbent 25,897

Bruce Wheeler (D), incumbent 27,338

William Wildish (R) 21,468

LD 11 House

Mark Finchem (R) 27,319

Holly Lyon (D) 20,427

Vince Leach (R) 25,490

LD 14 House

James Burton (D) 10,878

David Gowan (R), incumbent 19,590

David Stevens (R), incumbent  19,519

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Watch Clean Elections debates online for races in LD 2, 9, 10, 11, and 14

There are a few contested races down here in Southern Arizona. Vote for one person for State Senate and two for House Representatives in each legislative district.

LD 2 Senate- (2 candidates Senator Andrea Dalessandro (D) vs. Daniel Estrella (R), and LD 2 House – 3 candidates, Chris Ackerley (R), Rep. Demion Clinco (D), Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (D)

LD 9 House – 3 candidates Dr. Randy Friese (D), Rep. Ethan Orr(R),  Rep. Victoria Steele (D).  LD 9 Senator Steve Farley (D) is running unopposed.

LD 10 Senate – 2 candidates Senator David Bradley (D) vs. Mark Morrison (R); and LD 10 House  – 4 candidates Todd Clodfelter (R), Rep. Stefanie Mach (D), Rep. Bruce Wheeler (D), Bill Wildish (R)

LD 11 Senate – 2 candidates Jo Holt (D) vs. Steve Smith (R) and LD 11 House  – 3 candidates Mark Finchem (R), Vince Leach (R), Holly Lyon (D)

LD 14 House  – 3 candidates James Burton (D), Rep.David Gowan (R), Rep. David Stevens(R). LD 14 Senator Gail Griffin is running unopposed.

View the AZ Citizens Clean Elections Commission Debates online to help decide whom to vote for:

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