Gosar’s Gaffe: Greedily Gambling the Grand Canyon

Welcome to another episode of “What the Hell, Arizona?” starring none other than Republican Congressman Paul Gosar. You know: one of those guys who makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. Well, Gosar is back at it again, and this time he’s taking on a national treasure: the Grand Canyon. The Monumental Declaration First, let’s … Read more

The Mad King Wants to Shut Down the Government and Execute General Milley While His Apostates in The House Want to GUT Title One Education Programs

This is going to be a telling week for the American Public. Like they really need more evidence of the contrasting governing visions offered by both major political parties. The Biden/Harris Administration and the Democrats want to chart a course for the country that protects political and civil freedoms along with meaningful investments that move … Read more

The MAGA Lunatics are at it Again in the House of Representatives

Washington Post Editorial Columnist Dana Milbank may be onto something when he referred to the current Republican Majority as the “House of Recriminations.” Except they should probably be labeled the “House of False Recriminations.” Why? Because over the last couple of weeks, most of these MAGA-Trump enabling, White Nationalist, Big Lie promoting, Reality adverse, Personal … Read more

Gosar and Kirk Represent the Dark-Sewer Side of American Politics

Another day. More multiple examples of how the former Party of Lincoln has gone to the Dark-Sewer Side of American Politics. First, we have MAGA enabling-White Nationalist Loving-Probable January 6 Domestic Terrorist Attack Co-Organizer Paul No One in My Family Will Vote for Me Gosar suggesting, at a farcical event masquerading as a hearing honoring … Read more

Factual Reality vs Dark Fantasy: Arizona House Delegation Reaction to the Trump Indictments

The bombshell history-making indictment of Donald Trump for not turning over many documents labeled, confidential, classified, and top secret after his term, showing them to individuals in Florida who did not hold a security clearance,  and keeping those sensitive papers in unsecured locations like a Mar A Largo ball and bathroom, have generated mostly polar … Read more