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The economic disruption of the technology tsunami has political repercussions

In an occasional series I do on the economic disruption caused by the technology tsunami, see The technology tsunami is replacing ‘good paying jobs’ that are not coming back, and (Update) Public policy is failing to address the economic disruption from rapidly advancing technology for example, I look at the effects of automation, computerization, robotics and artificial intelligence on jobs and the economy.

But technology also has repercussions on our politics, as technological innovations have had in the past throughout history. Axios.com, which does a good job of reporting on the technology tsunami, reports on new research today. Robots may have given Trump an edge in 2016:

For two years, historians, economists and others have pondered whether western leaders, facing a growing populist challenge, must prepare for an even greater temblor resembling the French Revolution or 1930s fascism.

The big picture: In a new paper in the Oxford Review of Economist Policy, U.K. economist Carl Frey and two co-authors argue that the 2016 U.S. presidential election — and the effects of industrial automation during the decades before — may be a signal of worse to come.

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Resist! group art show at Pop Cycle

“Join us on Saturday, April 8 for our Resist! Art Show. Small works by many excellent local artists with themes of Resistance! We will have snacks and drinks, as well as live music by Miss Olivia and the Interlopers. Get inspired to stage your LIown act of resistance. A portion of the proceeds go a book drive for Refugee Children. This lovely resist image is by local artist Val Galloway. We will also have t-shirts at the event!”

List of participating artists…
Valerie Galloway
Anita Goodrich
Joe Marshall
Ashely White
Rudy Flores
Monster Booty
Andra KIng
Pop Narkotic
Bridgett Lane
Suzy Kormanik
Tana Kelch
Sharon Thwing
DeeDee Koenen
Patrick HynesW
Kari Cadenhead
Patrick Foley
Audrey De La Cruz
Liz Vaughn
Rand Carlson
Keli Carpenter
Lauren Waddell
Robin West
Sharon Moon
Athena Hagen
Jimmy Carr
Mark Molina
Johanna Martinez
Keli Carpenter
Christina Holland
Racheal Rios
Juilius Schlosburg
Joe Quarnberg
Marcy Ellis
Eric Osborne
Will Taylor

https://www.facebook.com/events/1838779403057259/. Pop Cycle is at 422 N. 4th Ave. (between E. 6th and E. 7th Streets, east side).