Justine Wadsack and Wendy Rogers Like to Appear with Traitors and White Nationalist-Anti Semites

Arizona State Senator Justine Wadsack has encountered a couple of what should be insurmountable problems for a politician this week. First, as Blog founder Michael Bryan reported yesterday (November 9, 2023,) Ms. Wadsack apparently does not live in the legislative district (Arizona LD 17) she represents. If confirmed, by Arizona statute, she can not run … Read more

Where Does Arizona Senator Justine Wadsack ACTUALLY Live? Not in LD 17.

Wadsack REALLY lives in midtown in the Sam Hughes neighborhood – outside the district she ‘represents’ – despite her continuing lies. At least, that is where she and her family actually VOTE. She shouldn’t even be eligible to vote for herself, let alone represent a district she clearly doesn’t actually live in. The Tucson Sentinel … Read more

Republican Hypocrisy Shows Itself Again in the Josselyn Berry Resignation

Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature are openly peddling legislation discriminating against members of the LGBTQ Community, including children. Let us say that again. Republicans are openly supporting legislation discriminating against children. Anthony Kearn, one of the Republicans at the Arizona State Legislator is suspected of taking part in the January 6, 2021, Domestic Terrorist … Read more

(UPDATED) Ahead of Another Bogus Election Hearing at the State Capitol, Committee Democrats React to the Mayes Document Release

The documents released by Attorney General Kris Mayes that her cowardly and opportunistic predecessor Mark Brnovich held onto so the MAGA Election Denying crowd could still have the Big Lie from the 2020 election to hold on to is already a classic. It made headlines in the Washington Post and earned Brnovich strong rebukes from … Read more