Take survey for YWCA’s Operation Haboob

“Make your voice heard, and join the conversation!

Join us for our  Community Huddle where we aim to:
• Rebuild community
• Revive democracy
• Co-create a new future to make Arizona a place where everyone can thrive

We believe that we have an opportunity to make real and meaningful change in this state. But we can’t do it without you.”

The YWCA of Southern Arizona’s STAT (Stand Together Arizona Training & Advocacy) team has held Operation Haboob community huddles in Nogales, Tucson, Bisbee  — to get people energized and rebuilding community, revising Democracy. It is a non-partisan movement. They hope to take this movement to the rest of central and northern Arizona.  Upcoming schedule:

Nov 17: Prescott
Nov 18: Flagstaff and Showlow
Nov 19: Globe
Dec 2: Yuma
Dec 3: Phoenix and Casa Grande
Dec 15: Surprise
Dec 16: Kingman
Dec 17: Lake Havasu

If you haven’t joined in yet, or taken the survey, please do so at:


More on Operation Haboob:


“There are three key areas of Operation Haboob:
• Operation Haboob is intersectional. The issues that we all care about are related. Let’s start working together to develop and drive a unified agenda for Arizona.
• Operation Haboob is about movement building. This is a long-term project to put power back in the hands of people — and we’ve launched the Stand Together Arizona Training & Advocacy Center (STAT) to give this project a backbone and the support it needs to succeed — but it is not about starting a new organization. It is about all of our organizations and groups working together.
• Operation Haboob is non-partisan. This effort is “political.” We want to put leaders and laws in place that will make Arizona a place where everyone can thrive. But we are not supporting a particular Party. We want all of our leaders to be accountable to the people.”