Taking credit where credit is (not) due

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Senator Obstruction, Jon Kyl, is now trying to claim credit for the economic improvement under the Obama administration. That's right, one of the architects of the "just say no" to everything strategy of obstruction in the Senate in the hope that the economy would not improve and thus benefit Republicans in the 2010 midterm elections is now claiming that merely the election of Republicans in November is the reason for the economic turnaround over the past two years.

This shameless liar either suffers from mental delusions or he has stumbled upon Mr. Peabody's way-back time machine and is rewriting history. More probably, Kyl is simply practicing the "big lie" technique of political propaganda. Jon Kyl is an embarrassment to this state. His shameless lying and propagandizing is simply unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

When Republicans were in charge they failed to create a single net new job over the course of a decade, resulting in economists deciding that The Bush Years Were a Lost Decade

And history has clearly demonstrated that the economy always performs better under a Democratic president. Democratic Presidents Are Always Better For The Economy – Always.

Josh Marshall writes at Talking Points Memo, Republicans: Job, Economic Growth The Result Of GOP Victories (VIDEO):

Earlier this month, Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) attributed soaring corporate profits in 2010 to the passage of the GOP-friendly tax cut compromise at the very end of last year.

"Some of the results… I suspect, are coming from the fact that we extended tax rates that the president did not want to extend, but was willing to do so at the end of the year last year," he told Bloomberg's Al Hunt.

It's a theory of economic growth that requires assuming the existence of a time machine. But it doesn't have to be true to become the conventional wisdom.

Josh Marshall adds:

On Fox News, House Rules Committee Chair David Dreier (R-CA) contended the GOP deserves all the credit for recent economic growth.

"[W]e can get our economy growing. And we've gotten some positive numbers. I think it's in large part because we won our majority and we're pursuing pro-growth policies," he said.

Republicans have only been in charge of the House since January 5. The Senate has only met once. Their only legislative "achievement" (sic) since then is the merely symbolic vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday, a dog and pony show for their Tea Party supporters. Republicans have done nothing for the economy, for years.

Josh Marshall was a guest on Hardball with Chris Matthews to discuss Jon Kyl's latest "big lie" political propaganda. The Arizona political media should call out Kyl for his lies.

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