Tea Party temper tantrum: upset about Arpaio recall, they retaliate with a recall of Chad Campbell?


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CryingteabagbabyThe dimmest bulbs in the political marquee, state of Maricopa Tea Party teabaggers, are upset that the recall effort against their beloved Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio is going so well. So they are throwing a bit of a temper tantrum by retaliating for the recall by filing a recall of their own against House Minority Leader (and exploring for a gubernatorial bid) Chad Campbell.

Don't try to make sense of it, there isn't any. They are just cherry-picking a high profile Democrat whom they dislike. These are people who have not advanced beyond the emotional development of a three year old with the "terrible threes."

Matthew Hendley of the Phoenix New Times reports, Joe Arpaio Supporters Go for Another Unlikely Recall: Democrat Chad Campbell:

In what appears to be another recall attempt motivated by the effort to
recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio, some Arpaio supporters say they're going to
try to recall House Minority Leader Chad Campbell.

As with the
announcement by another set of Arpaio supporters, who claim to be
attempting a recall of County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, we have a
hard time believing that any more than five minutes of thought was put
into this decision.

According to the paperwork for "Fire Representative Chad Campbell" filed
with the Secretary of State's office, some folks named Randy Hancock
and Gordon Stoa are heading up this effort.

Thanks to the wonder
known as Google, we know that Stoa's in his 80s, is a Tea Party person,
and has shown up to at least one pro-Joe rally.

Also, Bob Thomas, a Republican who made an unsuccessful run for a state Senate seat in 2010, told the Arizona Republic that he's involved with the effort to recall Campbell.

Thomas touted the endorsements of Arpaio and now-disgraced, but then-state Senator Russell Pearce.

And for some reason, they decided going after Campbell was a good idea.

in the case of the Wilcox "recall" — which, by the way, no one ever
actually filed the paperwork to go forward with it — the Arpaio
supporters are going after Democrats who have the support of a lot of

* * *

We're not sure what exactly the objection to Campbell is, but Thomas told the Republic, "People are concerned about some of the issues he's been promoting."

Ya don't say. Breaking news: Republicans mad about Democrat continuing to act like Democrat.

* * *

Well, at least they filed the paperwork.

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