Tea Party Temper Tantrum

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

In case you missed this News 12 report about the Americans For Prosperity (corporate funded) Tea Party rally in Phoenix last week, check out the cracker who bursts a vein in his head shouting "That's why you don't have a higher standard of living than Mexico! The United States has a higher standard of living than Mexico because it's populated by white people. Mexico is a [BLEEP]!"

Yeah, there's no racists in the Tea Party.

Bonus coverage: "King" Russell Pearce gets defensive when reporter Wendy Halloran asks him about those Fiesta Bowl receipts he promised to produce two weeks ago. "Senator Pearce, it's my job to hold you accountable" Halloran responds. Good stuff!

Channel 12 aired a follow-up report on "King" Russell Pearce's Fiesta bowl receipts in a segment entitled "Illegal is illegal" (mocking Pearce's own words). Pearce has yet to produce documentation that he in fact paid for his tickets from Fiesta Bowl lobbyists.

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  1. Why on earth do we bother with financial disclosure statements if they can be altered later? Makes them pretty useless at election time. Same can be said about the Congressional Record.