Tea Party threatens a ‘Cultural Revolution’


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

I have told you for years that the modern-day Republican Party is not your father's GOP. The carcass of the Republican Party has been hollowed-out by the parasitic radical extremist fringe elements of the far-right. These are the "double high authoritarians" that John Dean warned about in his 2007 book, Conservatives Without Conscience.

Cultural_Revolution_posterThe Tea Party radical extremists parallel the Maoist Communist in China during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), in which the stated goal was to enforce communism and impose Maoist orthodoxy within the Party. The Cultural Revolution resulted in purges of political leaders and the forcible displacement of millions of Chinese to rural areas during the Down to the Countryside Movement. The Cultural Revolution paralyzed China politically and significantly adversely affected the country economically and socially.

The Culture Warriors of the Tea Party are similarly demanding enforcing far-right conservative ideology and orthodoxy within the Party by purging "moderate" RINOs (Republican In Name Only). They demand purity, and reject diversity of opinion and American democratic principles of compromise and bipartisanship. Can Tea Party "red guards" be far behind? Tea Partiers: U.S. 'can no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship':

[Y]esterday, a group of Tea Party organizations wrote Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) a
letter, urging him to quit and make room for a more right-wing
candidate. Their letter included a classic line, that speaks volumes about Tea Partiers' ideology.

"During your tenure in the Senate we have no doubt that you voted in a
way which you felt was appropriate. Unfortunately, our great nation can
no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship
, two traits for which
you have become famous."

Got that? After more than a decade on Capitol Hill,
Alexander has developed a reputation as a senator capable of working
with people he disagrees with — and the Tea Party groups consider this
outrageous. "Compromise and bipartisanship" have been repackaged as
insulting words senators would be wise to avoid.

Indeed, the
letter added, "Quite honestly, your voting record shows that you do not
represent the conservative values that we hold dear and the votes you
have cast as Senator are intolerable to us."

* * *

The Tennessee Republican has voted against every major priority
pushed by President Obama; he has a 77% lifetime rating from the
American Conservative Union; he recently argued the minimum wage shouldn't exist at all; and in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, Alexander told a national television audience, "I think video games is [sic] a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people."

Lamar Alexander, in other words, is a conservative Republican. To say he's too moderate to represent the right's interest is like saying Dick Lugar should be defeated in a primary. Oh wait.

This is happening not just in Tennessee, but across the country. Tea Party radical extremists are threatening a "Cultural Revolution" against fellow Republicans, and against their fellow American citizens of all political persuasions. This is an authoritarian movement that is diametrically opposed to the traditions and principles of American democracy. They must be defeated.


  1. Is this a self-appraisal? By the way, have you ever bothered to contact a local Tea Party organization where you live? You might get an education.

  2. There is indeed a “revolution” of sorts occurring in America. However, it in no way parallels the “Communit Revolution” of China or the Soviet Union. Rather, it follows in the path of the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights revolutions of the 20th century. It is an authentic grassroots revolution led by the Tea Party. The Tea Party is comprised of tens of thousands of autonomous local organizations throughout the country. It is a populist, libertarian movement that is driven by outrage over profligate federal spending that threatens to bankrupt the country. In the U.S. Senate, it is led by highly educated, urbane leaders such as Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. These are fiscal conservatives with a libertarian bent who are determined to end the wasteful spending of the federal government and to return it to the limited scope of the U.S. constitution as conceived by the founders of the country.
    See Ronald Libby’s new book, “Purging the Republican Party: Tea Party Campaigns and Elections” published by Lexington Books on November 16, 2013.

  3. This is just the escalation of the “culture war” declared by Pat Buchanan at the 1992 Republican National Convention. Every authoritarian movement comes to a point where “party purity” must be achieved before “cultural purity” and the “tea party” movement is nothing if not authoritarian.

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