Tea-Publicans ‘All In’ for Ryan Express Trainwreck

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"You want to get crazy? Let's get crazy!" That seems to be the emotional maturity of Tea-Publicans.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the GOP's Flim-Flam Man on the GOP budget, has been roundly criticized from serious conservative and liberal economists for producing a budget that is based upon fantasy and does not achieve any of its stated goals. It is not a serious plan. You have to believe in unicorns to believe this piece of crap.

Which is why conservative pundits and Beltway bloviators have sung Ryan's praises, trying to convince you that there is "something there there" in Ryan's plan. Their job is to make you believe in unicorns.

The L A Times reports that the TanMan, the Weeper of The House, and the House Tea-Publican Caucus are "all in" for Ryan's Express to a certain trainwreck. Boehner on board with Ryan's Medicare plan:

House Republicans appear to be all aboard the Ryan Express—and there ain’t no stopping it now.

Even as President Obama laid out his own deficit reduction plan Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner was forging ahead with plans for his caucus to vote on Rep. Paul Ryan’s sweeping blueprint to radically reshape Medicare and Medicaid—and he offered unswerving support for the proposal.

“I fully support Paul Ryan's budget, including his efforts on Medicare,” Boehner told reporters after meeting with Obama at the White House.

* * *

Democratic operatives have been gleefully anticipating Friday’s vote as a means to pin all House GOP members to Ryan’s proposal, which would convert Medicare into largely a private insurance program and turn Medicaid into a block grant program administered by the states, while slicing almost $6 trillion from the federal budget over the next decade.

* * *

[M]any Republicans have been reluctant to publicly take a position on the blueprint, knowing that their words will most likely be used against them in next year’s elections.

Count on it, Baby! When retirees and near retirees learn that Tea-Publicans voted to destroy Medicare, one of the most popular government programs ever, and leave them to the tender mercies of greed-head insurance companies that will not cover their medical expenses, there is going to be hell to pay in 2012.

The Ryan Express is a certain trainwreck.

Train wreck

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