That Shawnna Bolick sure seems to have her priorities in order


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I met Shawnna Bolick two years ago when we were on a Channel 12 panel to discuss Ann Romney’s upcoming speech to the the 2012 RNC Convention. The topic was, naturally, how women perceived the Romney campaign. At one point during the segment, Bolick looked me right in the eye and pointedly informed me, anchor Mark Curtis, and the entire viewing audience how she had always paid for her own birth control, thank you very much. The obvious implication of that was that Shawnna Bolick was responsible, unlike those slutty-sluts such as Sandra Fluke who rely on the government to hand them birth control. It’s a safe assumption that what Bolick meant was that her private health insurance covered her birth control, which was the exact thing Fluke, who was required by Georgetown University to purchase their private insurance plan (which did not cover contraception) wanted to argue for before Congress. It never had anything to do with the government paying for it, not that it mattered to Bolick, who was determined to push the “pay for your own birth control, floozies” canard.

Bolick happens to be a former staffer for Rick “License To Do Things In The Sexual Realm” Santorum. Her time working for the Heritage Foundation and the zealously anti-contraception Santorum as a grad student was where Shawnna Bolick (who paid for her own birth control, dammit!) says her “Republican and pro-life values became cemented for life.” Bolick ran unsuccessfully in the 2010 GOP primary for the Arizona House in what is now District 28 (my own district). This year she succeeded in winning a nomination slot and will face Democratic incumbent Dr. Eric Meyer in the general elections.

Bolick’s Center for Arizona Policy questionnaire reveal her to be a standard culture war conservative. She’s anti-choice, anti-LGBT rights, opposes Common Core, and wants to make it easier to nominate conservative judges. But she does lay a figleaf of libertarianism over it in the form of supporting gambling off of reservations and not fully opposing marijuana legalization. Oh, and here’s her answer on restricting X rated websites:

I am not familiar with this issue or technology. I don’t want to give government any more control over the web or a list.

Guys, your porn is safe with Shawnna! Bolick is married to Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute and has received a lot of her campaign donations from conservative business interests so it’s no surprise that she’s all about protecting and expanding the freedoms of affluent white dudes while doing the exact opposite for everyone else.


  1. I guess we can be glad that at least she uses birth control. Should we expect more private prisons in that district?

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