That Son of a Bitch Trump Borrowed a Quarter and Never Paid Me Back

Why am I not surprised?

The Day after I post about the clumsy, kitchen sink approach of the anti-Trump movement in Hey Republicans, Want to Stop Trump? Then Stop Attacking Him Indiscriminately, it gets far worse.

Today’s “bombshell”: Donald Trump’s campaign manager pulled a reporter away from Trump. And he’s been charged with battery! Based on the coverage, you’d think he was the first campaign staffer ever to have overstepped when protecting a candidate from the media.

What a strategic masterstroke! I can’t imagine any supporter sticking with Trump now. Paula Pennypacker even apologized publicly for having supported a cad like Trump.

Not really.

If anything, today’s coverage had one and only one effect: To render Trump’s supporters numb to future revelations that otherwise could influence them.

The anti-Trump movement’s kitchen sink approach has succeeded in making Trump’s candidacy into a referendum not on Trump, but on the anti-Trump movement. It’s not about Trump’s policy positions anymore. It’s not about his experience, or even his demeanor. It’s about whether he can / should be denied the nomination however possible.

Which has solidified his support.

Latest poll I saw of the Republican race: Trump at 48%.

When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

2 responses to “That Son of a Bitch Trump Borrowed a Quarter and Never Paid Me Back

  1. Dodgy Farmer

    The charges against Corey Lewandowski creates the basis for a very interesting legal case. We have notorious Breitbart liars vs. notorious Trump thugs. The most important question is, “Do they get to bring firearms to the courtroom?”

  2. captain*arizona

    rachel maddow show hints randy ted cruz in d.c. madams client book. shows picture of hooker that first appeared in national inquirer. bye bye randy ted.