“That’s a Certainty!” Governor’s Support For Protecting Arizonans With Pre-Existing Conditions Disappears With Bill Signing


“Health insurance companies should cover people with pre-existing conditions. That’s a certainty!”

That was Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s no-mincing-words statement in the weeks leading up to his re-election last fall.

Yesterday, the Governor signed into law SB1109, erasing the pre-election certainty. Now, short term health insurance policies will be offered to some Arizonans which contain this warning:

That measure passed the Senate, 18-12 and passed the House last week, 31-28.

Steve Farley, who ran unsuccessfully for Governor last year, stated today that it is “unbelievable” that this measure (below) became law. “This is not acceptable, and is a direct result of Trump’s unilateral action hurting our healthcare. These plans are simply junk insurance that takes advantage of those who need coverage the most.”

The Governor’s office has not made any statements relating to signing the bill on either its website or social media. Arizona’s Politics has asked for a response and will update this article as necessary.

A copy of the new law may be found here.