The Arizona Republic has an existential crisis


According to the most recent Arizona MBQF Poll, Donald Trump leads 37%, to Ted Cruz at 23%, and John Kasich at 15%. The most recent Merrill Poll has Trump at 31%, to Cruz at 19%, and Kasich at 10%.

Early voting has been going on for almost a month in Arizona (today is the last day for early voting). Donald Trump is going to win Arizona’s winner-take-all Presidential Preference Election next Tuesday, likely by double digits.

Trump’s xenophobic anti-immigrant, racist, sexist, bigoted, authoritarian proto-fascism has been the philosophy of the Arizona GOP long before the rise of Trump. If anything, Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio and Jan Brewer gave rise to Donald Trump. Trump reflects the values of Arizona’s GOP voters.

ArizonaRepublicanThe Arizona Republic fka The Arizona Republican, has long been the media arm of the Arizona Republican Party. To the best of my knowledge, the Arizona Republic has never endorsed a Democrat for president in a general election. It always endorses the Republican.

The Arizona Republic is having an existential crisis over the very real possibility that Donald Trump will be the nominee of the GOP in November.

The Arizona Republic may have to endorse a Democrat for president for the first time ever.

The Arizona Republic published a blistering editorial critical of Donald Trump and Tea-Publican politicians who will not denounce him. If you love America, denounce Trump now:

History will be kind to Republicans who denounce Donald Trump.

It is especially important to do so now — when Trump’s megalomaniacal pursuit of the GOP nomination looks stronger than ever and some are calling his success inevitable.

History calls. It’s time to take a stand.

Those who expected Trump to fall on his own sword of intimidation and intolerance can wait no longer.

The billionaire surfs a deep discontent in a nation where uncertainty about the economy and distrust of politics as usual are palpable. Instead of offering solutions, he mines that vein of fear and frustration using undisguised bigotry, racism, sexism and fascism.

Yes, fascism.

Today the Arizona Republic published an editorial endorsement in the GOP Presidential Preference Election that reeks of resignation, disappointment and disillusionment with Arizona’s GOP voters whom they have pandered to since its founding.

The editors accept the inevitability that Trump is going to win the Arizona GOP primary on Tuesday, but use the endorsement of John Kasich to make a blistering attack on Donald Trump as unfit for the presidency. Reject Trump and Cruz – vote Kasich. This is really a must read editorial.

But it begs the question: if Trump is the GOP nominee on the ballot in November, will The Arizona Republic stay true to its blistering criticism of Trump, or will it do what it has always done, and make some lame excuse to endorse Trump over the Democratic Party nominee? And what of the Tea-Publican candidates for office who stand with Trump and do not denounce him? Will The Arizona Republic still endorse them for office, enabling the fascism that the editors fear?

Yes “History calls. It’s time to take a stand.” It is time for The Arizona Republic to break its long alliance with the Arizona Republican Party and to take a stand for America. History will not be kind to Republicans — or newspapers — who do not denounce Donald Trump and those who support him. As Mitt Romney recently said, “it is a time for choosing.”

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  1. the arizona repulsive’s editorial should read. trump supporters. behave yourselves! act responsibly. stop this anti free trade nonsense. so we don’t have too! we wish to push our ayn randist movement conservative supply side free trade agenda like they are doing in kansas and you should quietly sit there and take it. instead of supporting trump you should say thank you sir may I have another!

  2. Shorter “Arizona Republic”:

    “My God! Trump is saying all the same things we say to each other, but he’s doing it IN PUBLIC! Out Loud! HE must be stopped for the good of the countr— Party!”

    To steal their line from 2012…”You built this”.

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