The AZGOP Has Become a Death-Spiraling Dumpster Fire: Their Fundraising is a Joke & #HariKari Lake is Their Future?!

It’s not just this liberal progressive blogger calling Kari Lake and the AZGOP a dumpster fire… #HariKari!

‘He just tells it like it is, folks!’ Conservatives with a reasonable eye on the bottom line of actually winning offices – rather than using primaries to just hunt so-called ‘RINOs’ (i.e. real conservatives who won’t go along with fascism, Christian Nationalism, authoritarian thuggery, and Trump’s utter corruption and criminality, etc.) – recognize that #HariKari is a suicide mission campaign for the AZGOP.

Despite that, many in the MAGA movement see Lake as the future of the AZGOP and are betting on that hot mess by investing in her Senate campaign regardless. As noted the in The Bulwark, Senators Thune and Cornyn, who hope to succeed stuck-in-the-headlights #MoscowMitch as the next Senate (minority?) Leader, are shoveling cash to #LyingLoserLake in hopes that she might yet swing AZGOP support behind their respective bids for leadership.

Kari just casually and openly holding a rally in a church against the law

They’re putting up real money on that bet, which each raising over $100K for her doomed campaign. More fools them, and more wasted money on Lake’s swan song as a shooting GOP star (yes, the pun is intended! I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts showing up to events with a Glock strapped…)

Now Kari seems to have just stopped giving a shit about minor things like the law, and campaign finance regulations, and ethics… She’s just openly doing rallies in churches, which could (who am I kidding…) place in jeopardy the church’s tax status if we enforced such things anymore. If Biden is seeking to wage lawfare on the MAGA fascists he’s doing it wrong…

Here’s what is happening to the AZGOP financially with Kari Lake as the functional head of the party as the top office-seeker running in AZ (as there is no GOP Governor anymore in AZ… unless you count that shadow-Governor crank claiming to be the ‘real’ Governor… um, who was that?… oh yeah, Kari Lake!). None of this is good news for the electoral prospects of MAGA radicalism here in AZ.

Here’s how the AZGOP is doing versus the AZDems for the first Q of ’24:

Source: FEC filings

How embarrassing for the AZGOP; we Dems TRIPLED the AZGOP’s total Fed contributions.

I case you think this is just Fed-level fundraising, you are wrong:

Source: AZ filings

We Dems lapped the AZGOP in non-fed fundraising by 6X! It’s just fucking embarrassing. I don’t know how they can even run a statewide party at this price. Surprise! They can’t. They are eating their seed and are staring down bankruptcy.

Great leadership, #HariKari! And who is ‘in charge’ on the other team? Oh yeah, an election delusional conspiracist with barely any fundraising experience in Chairwoman Gina Swaboda, and the felony-indicted RNC Delegate Tyler Bowyer, and Treasurer Elijah Norton, the former Congressional candidate who just settled a defamation suit for $50K against Rep Schweikert for implying he was gay. I’m not sure if being made Treasurer of this sinking ship is a political plum, or a punishment! Given the dismal state of their finances, I suspect the latter.

But really, don’t let any of those ‘official’ offices fool you – the person really in charge of the AZGOP right now is #HariKari Lake, or it’s nobody – and it is not going very well…

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5 thoughts on “The AZGOP Has Become a Death-Spiraling Dumpster Fire: Their Fundraising is a Joke & #HariKari Lake is Their Future?!”

  1. Has anyone poked around to see how many “voters” in KKKrazy KKKari’s new ad are actually actors and not real voters? For that matter, how many are fake AI creations>

    • Has anyone poked around to see how many of the people appearing in the spot have skin darker than a golfer’s tan? Answer: 0.

      Yes, she’s appealing to white fears for votes.

  2. Maybe Dumpster and My Pillow will kick in millions to Ward’s and the useless Borrelli’s, gang of thieves.

  3. Fundraising’s great but now let’s get out the vote for Democrats up and down every AZ ballot. Let’s make sure we give Joe Biden our 11 electoral votes, elect Ruben Gallego, Kirsten Engle, Jonathan Nez and flip the state legislature!

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