The AZGOP’s Insane Kari Lake MAGA Senate Nightmare

Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, they say. It looks very much like the AZGOP is determined to ensure that they are unable to regain one of Arizona’s U.S. Senate seats, both of which they have lost due to the MAGA movement. We might as well get used to the idea of Senator Ruben Gallego right now.

The AZGOP has consistently missed every opportunity since 2016 to capture one of Arizona’s seats by 2.4%. The consistency has been durable – surprisingly so. It would seem that their theory of change in this election is lean even further into conspiracy delusions, MAGA mentality, loyalty to Trump, and further against the wishes of the majority of Arizona’s voters on a range of issues – most importantly, abortion. They apparently seem to believe that #LyingLoserLake can do what McSally and Masters could not: crack that 2.4% margin.

It seems an unlikely proposition that a candidate who famously told a major portion of her own party stalwarts to “Get out!” of the party is going EXPAND the AZGOP electorate at all. But, heck, what do I know?

Meanwhile, my own party is delighted at the fat, dumb, and easy target that Kari Lake has made of herself… As noted in the PR below, at least some critical thinkers in the AZGOP seem to agree that a Kari Lake nominee is a sure path to defeat. Perhaps we’re all wrong and a larger margin of loss than 2.4% somehow helps the AZGOP? In any case, excuse me while I do my little dance of delight at the misfortune of fascists and fools.

One Month Later: Kari Lake’s Senate Campaign is Still GOP’s Worst Nightmare

ARIZONA -– Tomorrow marks one month since Kari Lake launched her campaign for U.S. Senate that has had Washington Republicans “freaking out,” Arizona Republicans saying Lake “can’t just snap [her] fingers and disappear” her dangerous, unpopular record on abortion and election conspiracy theories, and a month in which Kari “Arizona First” Lake scheduled more events out of state (5) than in Arizona (2). 

Kari launched her campaign at the headquarters of Jetset Magazine, an “ultra-wealthy lifestyle publication” which describes its’ audience as “the wealthiest demographic in the world,” targeting “only the one percent of the world’s population who control more than fifty percent of the world’s wealth.” Lake was introduced by fellow failed 2022 candidate and election conspiracy theorist Abe Hamadeh, who continues to employ the same losing legal strategies to overturn his loss as Lake. 

In the week after Lake’s launch, Republicans and conservatives went on the record to make clear Kari Lake “can’t win a general election” thanks to her obsession with election denialism and dangerous abortion stances. Here are a few quotes:

  • Politics Unplugged: Barrett Marson, Republican: “Kari Lake’s popularity has decreased since 2022. To which I always say it’s probably because she spends more time at Mar-a-Largo and Bedminster than Arizona.” 
  • The Gaydos and Chad Show’s Larry Gaydos: “No one is better than Kari Lake at alienating Republicans. No one is better than Kari Lake at alienating a large number of independent voters […] Kari Lake can’t win a general election. She’s kryptonite to general elections. She’s a joke. So, I mean, guess if you want to vote for her. Go ahead. I just thought Republicans wanted to win this time around.”
  • ABC 15 Arizona Family: “‘She has an even bigger job to just tell everyone who she can be. We already know who she is, and the voters rejected her once,’ said Republican political consultant Barrett Marson.”

Here’s what Lake has been up to her first month on the campaign trail:

  • Appearing at CPAC’s Save America Dinner alongside noted conspiracy theorists Ken Paxton, Steve Bannon, Robert Malone, and Kash Patel, showing she still holds the same fringe conspiracy theories and dangerous ideas that led to Republicans ‘freaking out’ about her ‘nightmare’ Senate candidacy.

Lake has also racked up endorsements from notable extremists, conspiracy theorists, and far-right members of Congress:

  • Chad Prather, who primaried Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
  • Congressman Ronny Jackson, who introduced legislation preventing service members who have to travel to receive abortion care from being reimbursed. 

Kari’s first month of campaigning to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate was marked by her spending more time out of Arizona than in; supporting the same dangerous abortion bans without exceptions for rape or incest as she did in ‘22; pushing the same election conspiracy theories; and associating with the same right wing extremists. 

AZDP PR Nov. 9, 2023

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  1. She should just hang out at her prepper bunker in Pine barking at the moon in frothy delerium or head to her other haunt in Jamaica and give up … nah this going to be too much fun to watch the utter humiliation.


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