The AZGOP’s Resolutions Show They Haven’t Learned Anything From Losing

Looking at the resolutions of the AZGOP put up for adoption at their organizing meeting for 2023, one could be forgiven for concluding that they haven’t learned shit from their string of electoral failures in Arizona. In fact, it seems that the lesson they learned was that they didn’t believe their own bullshit forcefully enough.

h/t to AZ Agenda for pointing out the original document.

Continuing to Pedal the Big Lie and Election Delusions:

Most of the resolutions, including many not adoptive because they were duplicative, are based on debunked election delusions that have been found to be baseless by the media, elections experts and administrators, and courts at every turn.

This is a new one to me, though. Sounds like con man Jovan Pulitzer may be pedaling some new magic election software snakeoil to the gullible. I guarantee that NOT ONE of the 22 resolutions committee members who voted in favor has a single clue as to what “Fractal Programming” actually is! Or what a “Phantom Voter” is, for that matter! Hilarious!

Phantom Voters and Fractal Programming




Equally important is what they DID NOT adopt, which is a simple recognition of the reality that their delusions about the 2020 election have proven baseless. I find it both hilarious and disturbing that they STILL can’t face the reality of ’20, let alone ’22.

Reality Fail

I do recognize and encourage those brave 5 delegates who stood up for common sense. Expect them to be harassed and expelled from the party in 5, 4, 3…

This next one made the news and was made much of by the AZGOP powers that be: they censured Republican members of the Board of Supervisors (Gates, Hickman, and Sellers) and Republican Recorder Steven Richer. This despite the complete failures of all the 2022 election challenges and the utterly baseless nature of those legal challenges as proven by the court’s own findings. Keep in mind, a censure is the last step of disapproval short of expulsion from the Party, and it is exactly what the AZDems did to Sinema before she formally left the Party. In essence, the AZGOP has repudiated their Party’s approval of the Republican majority of the MariCo BoS, which represents about 4.5m Arizonans. Over nothing.

A Censure for You, and a Censure for You, and…

Next up in the unreality circus is their ‘concern’ for “open, transparent, accurate” voting, which is merely a conclusory amalgam of tired and false election delusions, including (but not exhaustively): that extended voting is a way for Dems to cheat using “predictive analysis and vote tampering”; that electronic ballot printers and tabulators are an elaborate fraud that they can’t seem to actually pin down; that vote centers (which the GOP pioneered in AZ!) are a plot against democracy; and vote-by-mail (which the GOP itself developed here in AZ over two decades) is subject to massive fraud… somehow.

We Get It… You Don’t Like Elections More Complex Than Dropping Colored Pebbles in an Amphora…

Well, you might ask, with all those ‘problems’ what are your solutions? Oh boy… These are their genius solutions for their now perennial paranoid delusions.

Wow. So they want millions of voters (nearly all of them) to all vote on election day, in-person, in their own precincts only, and present voter ID and signature before getting any ballot, and each of those paper ballots has to be pre-printed (a non-trivial logistical undertaking, even in small precincts) AND uniquely identified (which violates the AZ Constitution, but so what? AZGOP controls the AZSC so they’ll retcon that somehow…), then tabulated in the precinct, by hand, under camera, and verified by tabulation machines not connected to the internet (which is already a thing that they seem unaware or distrustful of…). I hope you like your lines long and hiring a whole lot of staff. They ironically complain that long lines ‘disenfranchised’ Republican-leaning voters on election day ’22 should actually INVALIDATE the whole election, but then suggest we take such a shit-show statewide by the ‘remedy’ they propose. This is how you know they just aren’t serious.

They don’t really want these things, they want people to believe that the lack of any of these onerous and intrusive measures – which will fundamentally screw up our elections processes and make it much harder to vote and have your vote count – somehow protects anyone’s vote. All it does is give them an excuse for why they’ve gotten beaten in many key races in ’18, or ’20, or ’22… it’s not their regressive, unpopular policies, their repulsive culture war attacks on fellow citizens, or their clown car candidates full of frauds and fools, NO! It’s just some very subtle fraud that the courts, reputable independent investigators, and even their hand-selected stooges like the Cyber Ninjas find so hard to pin down.

It’s just an excuse not to change. This is merely a defense by the Ultra MAGAs against the GOP establishment, who are bullied and threatened into silence, as MAGA burns down the big tent that used to be a grand old American political party.

In short: it’s bullshit. Pure security theater. You know how I know? They never have ANY of these concerns about voting when their own candidates win. Even if their candidates are on the exact same ballots on which Democrats prevail. It’s so obvious that only a very young child with no awareness of object permanence would be fooled. And they DON’T even believe their own bullshit. Every single one of them, if spoken to in confidence, will decline to defend these delusions: they know they sound nuts, and generally don’t understand what they are even alleging. They know their shit smells, and they know their boots are caked in it, but they can’t publicly admit the smell is their own. Because performatively defending the delusions of Trump and the camp following tribe of grifters surrounding him is the only mark of party loyalty left in the GOP – they don’t actually have principles, or policies, or ideas anymore – just loyalty to the group, and hatred and contempt of everyone else.

Their ultimate, genius idea? Let’s redo the 2022 election!

2022, Redux?

Basically, we can’t support or substantiate any of this bullshit in any forum we don’t wholly control (such as our Party Convention…) but, what the hell, let’s go for broke and redo ’22. Brilliant. But, hey, at least 6 of the committee also thought that was nuts, so… progress?

There was a BUNCH more nonsense about vaccine conspiracies and ‘medical freedom’ (but not the dirty kind for women…), and hating on Ranked Choice Voting (because MAGA knows that would be the end of their control of the GOP), and fear-mongering about immigrants on the border, as well as much more election conspiracy and delusion spreading, the final resolution I will highlight is:

Oh, Those Jewish Billionaires!

Feeling a bit butthurt by AZ’s voters passing Prop 211, requiring the AZGOP’s billionaire puppet masters to reveal themselves, they struck back at the evil empire — of liberal billionaires! By naming just those who are – purely by coincidence! — Jewish! The anti-semitic intent behind this couldn’t be more transparent unless it came out and declared, “but what about those damn globalist Jew billionaires’ money!” Come on guys. You aren’t fooling anyone.

Now, by way of contrast, the AZDems resolution committee, which I observed, had a grand total of ONE resolution about manipulation of the IRC process in the latest round of redistricting… which it tabled, because it was felt to be underwhelming on establishing the facts of AZGOP manipulation and uncertain as to whether the proposed creation of a study committee was ultra vires for such a resolution. Apparently, the AZGOP has no such qualms or hesitation to order and demand everything and anything below God himself.

May God save us from the AZGOP! Or at least let them know that they aren’t doing His work anymore; they are working for the Other Guy.

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  1. Big words are lost on MAGAts. I once had a sign that read, “Trump for Leavenworth, 20 to Life for Treason, Cowardice, Venality and Mendacity” My neighbor laughed and said no one would understand what venality and mendacity meant. And, Horne wants to make AZ kids even dumber.

  2. A School of fish
    A Pod of whales
    A Murder of crows

    A Stupidity of MAGAts.

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