The Beltway media villagers declare ‘the hunting of the president’


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The self-important pompous assholes of the Beltway media elite have their noses in a snit. Ed Kilgore at the Political Animal blog sets it up,

D.C. To Obama: Don’t Mess With “This Town”:

Well, it doesn’t get much more official than this: an VandeHei/Allen “Behind the Curtain” column
announcing that D.C. (“the town”) is “turning on” Barack Obama, and
there will be nothing but venom coming from any direction for the
foreseeable future[.]

* * *

Too bad, voters, and all those who have an interest in their federal
government doing something constructive; Obama has to have his spanking
from “D.C. stakeholders,” so enjoy it or look the other way.

What amazes me the most about this column is the forthright
announcement that the MSM are going to make explicit common cause with
the GOP[.]

Wait, they don't do that already? POLITICO is part of the right-wing noise machine.

This open partisanship is excused by the fact that in “this town” (among
the “Establishment Democrats” who are a “D.C. Stakeholder”) Democrats
aren’t bothering to defend Obama. Which Democrats are we talking about

* * *

Yes, MoDo is your representative Democrat. When you’ve lost her, you’ve clearly lost the Blue States altogether.

The perpetual teenager from the Mean Girls clique stopped being relevant over a decade ago. Who the hell even reads Maureen Dowd anymore?

On this particular occasion, Harris and VandeHei come so close to
self-parody that every sentence is like a pinata you could hit from any
direction. But make no mistake: this is a declaration of war by
elements of the Beltway Media who are determined to show us all they
still have the power to “bring down a president,”
as they arrogantly
used to say about Watergate, and that not only the GOP but the
Breitbartian wingnuts have a new ally in the “Vetting” of Barack Obama.

Time to bring in the closer for all things POLITICO, Charles Pierce at Esquire. Things In Politico That Make Me Want To Guzzle Antifreeze, Part The Infinity:

And not out of delicate demitasse cups, either. But straight out of the big square can with both hands.

The two presiding geniuses behind Tiger Beat On The Potomac has had all they can stands from this president, and they…can't,…stands…no…more. So
they have declared themselves in rebellion today. Juiceboxes will be
flung in anger. Paste will be thoroughly chewed. Breath will be held
until everyone is blue. Nap time will be bravely resisted —
non-violently, of course — and the insurgents boldly declare that they
will be in control of the classroom by lunch time. Aux armes, citoyens! You have nothing to lose but your crayons.

Not to minimize the inherent political savvy of Chris Lehane, one anonymous former Obama aide, one anonymous "longtime Washingtonian," or Vernon Jordan — who, I admit, I'd thought had long gone off to peddle influence in the Beyond — but I think they're pretty much camouflage here for the fiery tantrum summoned up by the authors.

(And, not for nothing, but "longtime Washingtonian" may well be the beau ideal of TBOTP sourcing. They should make it the company motto. And the two presiding geniuses are going to be shocked one morning when they look in the mirror and see Sally Quinn staring back at them.)

Obama's aloof mien and holier-than-thou rhetoric have
left him with little reservoir of good will, even among Democrats. And
the press, after years of being accused of being soft on Obama while
being berated by West Wing aides on matters big and small, now has every
incentive to be as ruthless as can be. This White House's instinctive
petulance, arrogance and defensiveness have all worked to isolate Obama
at a time when he most needs a support system. "It feel like they don't
know what they're here to do," a former senior Obama administration
official said. "When there's no narrative, stuff like this consumes

First of all, does it make any difference any more if I point out
that it's the authors who are asserting that the president lacks good
will "even among Democrats," and that the supporting quote doesn't have
fk-all to do with the president's "mien" — Those Word-a-Day desk
calendars are paying off, boys! — and rhetoric? I didn't think so.
(Examples of both would have been helpful, too.) More significant to me
is the assertion by the two president geniuses that the entire elite
political press corps is about to engage in a mass abandonment of any
kind of journalistic standards

Let me give the two presiding geniuses a tip from my days covering the
wonderful wide world of sports. The people you cover do not have to like
you. The people you cover are under no obligation to be nice to you, or
to make your job easier, or not to call you a "fucking maggot" when
they don't like what you've written, which is pretty much always. The
people you cover can and will throw jockstraps at your head  — and do
infinitely worse — if they so choose. That does not free you from your
obligation to cover what they do for a living fairly, and to present
that information to your readers accurately

* * *

Quite simply, any political journalist who decides to be "as ruthless as
can be" chasing the current crop of phony and/or demi-scandals, and
does so based on the deep philosophical principle of "Nyah, nyah. You think you're so smart. I'll get you at recess," should be looking for a new job by nightfall
. And it is beyond even TBOTP's limitless capacity for shamelessness to suggest otherwise.

And for these two rodeo clowns to criticize anyone for "petulance,"
"arrogance," and "defensiveness" is so petulant, arrogant and defensive
as to beggar imagination
. Do these people think the Republicans wouldn't
have done the same damn thing to President Hillary Clinton? Or
President Joe Biden? Or President Insert Name Of Democrat Here? For
going on six years now, one of our two political parties has
deliberately chosen not to help govern the nation, and to make the
attempt to govern the nation as hard as possible
. Now, they have some
more interesting excuses. Period. Bill Clinton is now the perfect
example of the kind of Democrat that the authors say this president
should be. How'd the Republicans — and the Beltway pre-school — treat him when he was president? Somebody stop these two before they bring my whole profession down around their ears.

* * *

Oh, shut up [Ron Fournier – AP]. Please. I realize life was easier when you were slipping Karl Rove mash notes during study hall — Funny how your concern over White House ratfkery was not in evidence then — but get over yourself, OK? Of course, because of their deep concern for The People's Right To Know, I expect to see in the not-too-distant-future a long treatise by the presiding geniuses in defense of Bradley Manning, and a flaming jeremiad by Ron Fournier on behalf of Julian Assange. Otherwise, I might think this whole business is an exercise in angry butthurt by performing circus egos. Of course, I could be wrong about that.

As i said the other day, the GOP has dusted off its "Big Book of Scandal Mongering" from The Hunting of the President in the 1990s. I recall that the media said it learned its lesson and that it would not fall for this again. Yet here we are, with the two presiding geniuses behind Tiger Beat On The Potomac essentially saying that the self-important pompous assholes of the Beltway media elite have decided that it's the 1990s again, and they are declaring The Hunting of the President is back on.

If anyone should be hunted, it is the feckless Beltway media villagers. Just round them all up and march them into the Potomac River.

UPDATE: Greg Sargent weighs in: Politico reports that "the town" has turned on Obama. We should take that seriously. When the Village turns on a President.

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  1. Too bad for the beltway that absolutely no one, except those very few people who follow politics, is paying any attention.