The Clinton Implosion


With 10 straight defeats, frequently by landslides, Hillary Clinton is now behind Barack Obama in overall delegate count, even when the announced PLEO delegates are taken into account.

As of Hawaii, Obama’s pledged count is 1178 to Clinton’s 1024. Add their announced PLEOs and Obama still maintains the lead 1351 to 1262. This means that in order to pull ahead before the convention Clinton will need to attract more PLEOs than Obama, while in fact she’s bleeding PLEO support as she’s pummeled by the electorate. She will also need to win almost 60% of the remaining pledged delegates, meaning that she will need to win many of the remaining primary contests by large margins, not the squeakers she’s generally managed.

With Obama polling nationally at 52% to Clinton’s 38%, the scenario for a Clinton win seems increasingly unlikely. However, Clinton does retain one major, insurmountable advantage over Obama:

Oh, and there is this ad, slated for air in OH, and possibly TX and PA, sponsored by a 527 touted widely as Hillary’s own ‘Swift-Boat’ campaign against Obama. I gotta say though, if this is the hardest ball she can throw, she needs to go back to the mush ball league:

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