The Democratic Nomination Debate for Pima County Supervisor, District 1, Between Rex Scott and Jake Martin

Curt Pendergast of Tucson Agenda moderated the Democrats of Greater Tucson and Tucson Agenda sponsored debate and finalized the moderator questions that he would ask, which were provided to the candidates ahead of the debate to give written answers with optional references, and to prepare their best oral responses:

  1. The poverty rate in Pima County is about 15%. What should the county’s role be in lowering that rate? Do you see any steps the county has taken in recent years that you think are working well, or any that aren’t working and should be discontinued?
  2. Local governments are negotiating RTA Next before they put it before the voters. What should the county’s top priorities be in these negotiations? What should the county do if the City of Tucson withdraws from RTA Next?
  3. The green economy depends on minerals like copper that are mined in Pima County. How do you balance the need to fight climate change with the environmental damage that often comes with mining? What should the county do about the Copper World project?
  4. The county faces costly choices when it comes to the jail, such as replacing it entirely or investing in repairing it. What do you see as the main problems at the jail? Can repairs to the jail address those problems or should the county replace it?
  5. Pima County, and most of the country, is going through a mutli-faceted housing crisis. What do you see as the most pressing problem with regard to housing? What specific steps would you take to address it?

For the candidates’ live answers, please click the YouTube link below. An edited version that cleans everything up, includes captions and transcript, and reduces any distractions or pauses, will be available soon.

To advance directly to the beginning of the actual program, advance to about 17:30 into the video. To advance to the beginning of the questions, advance to about 24:00.

Advance to about 17:30 for the beginning of the program, 24:00 for the actual QA

The candidates’ written answers, with references, were provided to me and Curt of Tucson Agenda prior to the debate. We agreed to make these written answers available to the public the Monday following the event, so the public could evaluate the candidates more fully.

Click on Rex for his written answers
Click on Jake for his written answers

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