The Elephant Graveyard

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

When I was in high school, in what seems like a lifetime ago, there was a poster which was very popular at that time: two turkey buzzards sitting in a dead tree looking out over a barren desert; one turkey buzzard says to the other one, "patience my ass! I'm going to kill something!" Classic.

This cartoon reminded me of that poster.


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  1. Well, given a Democratic marjority in Congress and a Democratic President and the best ideas on Earth then I imagine the 2010 election will be a slam dunk.

    The Republicans will get pummeled – won’t they?

    Of course an alternate future is more likely. The stimulus will fail to melt the economic contraction. Millions and millions of high paying green jobs will fail to materialize. Thousands of US troops will not come home to the US of A. The FDA will continue to waste time and energy prosecuting breakfast cereals.

    The resulting elections might end up being not much different than the 2008 elections.

    Sadly the Republicans and Democrats are far more similar than they are different. And given that most people won’t vote for anybody that their TV and newspaper doesn’t approve of there is only the smallest glimmer of hope that revolutionary congressional candidates will be elected in 2010.