The Farley Report: 5-28-13


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Time once again for The Farley Report from Senator Steve Farley (D-LD 9):

Huge congratulations to our Arizona students who graduated last week,
including my two talented daughters — in August my oldest is heading
to Washington University in St Louis, and my youngest to Tucson High,
and I couldn't be prouder. I know there are so many other Arizona
families feeling the same way right now. 

Yes, May is nearly a memory. But there is still no sign of when or
how the House takes up the Senate-passed budget, including Medicaid

We do know that voters will not be facing the
Medicaid topic in a special election, as House Speaker Andy Tobin had
suggested last week. Today he publicly announced that he will be dealing
with the issue within the Legislature, and he will continue to push for
more transparency and accountability measures which could attract
additional support among members of his caucus.  

That being said, it probably will not happen this week since there
was nothing on the floor calendar for either House or Senate today. Word
is that the House Appropriations Committee may hear something on
Thursday, but there's nothing definitive just yet.  

I doubt we will be voting on any other bills, either. Early last week
the Governor reiterated her statement that she will not be signing any
bills sent to her before a budget and Medicaid are sent to her desk.  

Last Thursday she demonstrated her resolve by vetoing five Republican
bills, and sent identical veto letters stating that we have only five
weeks until a government shutdown if no budget is passed, and continued,
"I respectfully ask that legislators join me to resolve our budgetary
and health care challenges. Once these priority issues are behind us, I
am happy to once again consider unrelated legislation." 

So with no committees or bills in sight — budget, Medicaid, or
otherwise — this is the very short Farley Report you probably thought
you'd never see from this particular wordsmith. I fervently hope there
will be much more to write about next Tuesday. No news is not good news
in this case. 

Thanks for your continuing faith in me as your Senator. 

Steve Farley