The FEC has some questions for Martha McSally


Chalkboard with Math ProblemI posted about Rep. Martha McSally’s questionable FEC campaign finance reports last month. Questions for Martha McSally: What’s up with your FEC Reports?

A local Tucson Democrat has now filed a complaint with the FEC hoping to force proper disclosures that comply with the law from the McSally campaign.

Brahm Resnik of News 12 reports, Tucson resident files FEC complaint against McSally:

A Tucson resident has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission about gaps in Congresswoman Martha McSally’s campaign bookkeeping, as the FEC itself prods McSally to provide missing information.

The complaint, filed Friday on behalf of Virginia Delores Grayam, accuses McSally of violating campaign finance law by failing to report the required employer and occupation information for a significant number of donors.

For the first two quarters of this year, the complaint says, the McSally campaign failed to report employer and occupation information for 70 percent of its individual donors. For the 2013-2014 campaign cycle, that information was missing for 26 percent of donors.

The freshman Republican’s campaign staff has had to scramble over the last two weeks to correct reports that overstated current year fundraising by $4 million. The FEC has sent McSally 14 letters about finance-related issues. Her staff has said it’s working to resolve the issues.

According to, McSally’s non-disclosure rate of 26 percent in 2013-14 was more than six times greater than the rate for the next closest member of the Arizona delegation, Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego, at 4.2 percent. The seven other members of the delegation were at 1 percent or less.

More of that GOP “fuzzy math.”