The feeling is mutual, Frank


FrankensteinThe Arizona Daily Star’s Tim Steller wrote a tongue-in-cheek column today about former state senator Frank(enstein) Antenori’s “love” for Tucson. Steller: Antenori’s love for Tucson shown in robo-calls.

Everyone knows that this ethically challenged political hack despises the dirty effin’ liberal hippies who live in the blue colony of the City of Tucson. When he was in the state legislature, Antenori sponsored numerous pieces of legislation that sought to micromanage the City of Tucson, as well as Pima County, and to strip local governments of local control in an effort to punish the dirty effin’ liberal hippies who live there, and to subjugate them under the jackboot heel of our right-wing colonial oppressors from the state of Maricopa.

Most of Antenori’s bills failed, and he was eventually defeated by Democrat David Bradley in the new LD 10 in 2012. Good riddance. Now Antenori is terrorizing the villagers of Tucson again with his  “dark money” dirty electioneering in the City of Tucson and Pima County Bond elections.

I hear that Antenori is looking for a “safe” GOP district in which to run for the legislature, so he can terrorize the state of Arizona again — the reason why his house is for sale.

Steller writes that “We talked yesterday evening, Frank and I, and I could have sworn I heard him say, “Tucson and Pima County are lost causes” and “Maybe I shouldn’t live here anymore.”

I assure you, the dirty effin’ liberal hippies who live in the blue colony of the City of Tucson share this sentiment, Frank. We’d be happy to pack up your things and load the moving truck for you, as long as it is headed for any destination other than in Arizona. Peace out, man.


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