The Fools on The Hill rally against Iran deal


Fresh off his visit to Kentucky where Sen. Ted “Calgary” Cruz sought to pander to the Christian Right Dominionist base by appearing with “martyred” Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, only to be upstaged by Mike “Huckajesus” Huckabee, the religious huckster who has been pandering to the Christian Right Dominionists for far longer, Mike Huckabee (Not Ted Cruz) Captures Spotlight at Kim Davis Event, Huckabee Aide Physically Blocked Cruz From Getting Into Kim Davis Money Shot, Teddy Calgary today is again trying to capture some lightening in a bottle by hosting Donald Trump at a Tea Party rally against the Iran deal on Capitol Hill.

Once again, Teddy Calgary is getting upstaged by “The Donald.” Trump: Iran deal makes us ‘look like fools’:

Donald_Trump_hairDonald Trump rallied opponents of the Iran nuclear deal at the Capitol on Wednesday, slamming President Obama’s diplomatic pact as an embarrassment to the country.

“We are led by very, very stupid people,” Trump told a crowd gathered on the Capitol’s west lawn.

Remember, “The Donald” believes everyone is stupid but him. He’s an egomaniac, never forget this.

Trump, who has become the front-runner in the GOP race for the White House, said the United States bungled the negotiations over the Iran pact, which will lift sanctions on Iran’s economy in exchange for limits on its nuclear program.

“Never, ever in my lifetime have I seen a transaction negotiated so incompetently,” he said.

Oh Really? 4 Times Donald Trump’s Companies Declared Bankruptcy; Trump Plaza could be closed for at least 10 years.

“We will have so much winning if I get elected you’ll get bored of winning,” the business mogul added. “We are going to start winning big league.”

Wow, that is just Sarah Palin word salad gibberish which means nothing. Speak English when in the US!

Trump wasn’t the only presidential contender on hand for the rally. He was preceded onstage by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a rival for the 2016 nomination who has at times defended Trump from criticism.

Cruz told the crowd that the nuclear pact will endanger Israel and increase the risk of terrorism around the globe.

“We are now talking about giving Ayatollah Khamenei $100 billion to carry out his murderous plans,” Cruz said of Iran’s supreme leader.

No, we’re not.

“You cannot wash your hands of that blood,” Cruz said of Iran deal supporters in Congress. “If this deal goes through, we know with absolute certainty that people will die.”

But not from nuclear war, which is kinda the whole point.

The energetic rally on the west lawn of the Capitol, which was attended by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and several Republicans in Congress, comes amid a growing fight in the House over the next steps in the fight against Obama’s nuclear pact.

So all “The Fools on The Hill” were there.

House GOP leaders had planned to hold a procedural vote Wednesday to open debate on the Iran resolution, but that vote has now been pushed back.

The Senate, meanwhile, is preparing to vote this week on a resolution disapproving of the Iran deal, which Democrats are expected to block.

Cruz echoed the call for delaying the Iran votes on Wednesday, arguing that Republican leaders are the only thing standing in the way of Obama’s “catastrophic deal.”

“Mitch McConnell and John Boehner can stop this deal if they simply enforce federal law,” Cruz said, referring to the Senate leader and Speaker.

This guy really devalues the meaning of a “Harvard educated lawyer.” (I never put any stock in that nonsense anyway). The federal law that controls this vote is the Iran Review bill overwhelmingly passed by Congress earlier this year, which Teddy Calgary and the GOP House Freedom Caucus now want to disregard and change the rules at the last minute.

Teddy Calgary is going all Kim Davis by rejecting the rule of law and trying to impose his own extremist views on everyone else.

UPDATE: The Septuagenarian Ninja Turtle, Mitch McConnell rejects Iran delay, says delay idea won’t work. Will this lead to another Dr. Seuss filibuster from Teddy Calgary in the Senate?


  1. Four Senate Democrats will oppose the Iran deal. Besides Chuck Schumer and Ben Cardin, they include New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, now under indictment, and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who is a Democrat in name only.
    It is time for Senate Democrats to start thinking of alternatives for Chuck Schumer when Harry Reid retires next year. Schumer is not only bad news on Iran, he is much too cozy with Wall Street. Democrats need a much better leader in the US Senate than Chuck Schumer in 2017.

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